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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Get clean again with Juuce Dirty Deeds dry shampoo

I went to have my bangs trimmed the other week and my hair dresser used a dry shampoo in my hair that was amazing. Now I've used plenty of different dry shampoos in my time including ones by Toni & Guy, Batiste and Tresemme but the one she used is hands down the best I've tried. The dry shampoo is from the Juuce range and is called Dirty Deeds. The awesome name and cute pink packaging wasn't why I loved this product but it definitely didn't hurt!

 The range is created by Hairjamm who are a family owned company from Brisbane in Australia. The reason why I love this dry shampoo so much is because it actually does what I expect of a dry shampoo! I don't know about you but most dry shampoos I've tried make my hair feel greasier, dirtier or just like it's full of product. This stuff on the other hand literally gets rid of the oil at the roots and makes my hair feel really light and clean again. It gives me back my volume and I don't feel at all like I have product in it.

I only use this product on the day after washing my hair as my bangs and hair at my crown can tend to get a bit flat. I spray this stuff in at the roots and I get that volume back pronto and I tried to capture the difference for you below. The photo on the left is prior to the dry shampoo and the photo on the right is after. Hopefully you can see that my hair has a lot more volume to it and doesn't look as piecey. Granted the difference isn't that monumental since this picture was taken on a day when my hair wasn't very oily but it still made a big difference in terms of styling.

The scent on the product is also quite pleasant. It has a bit of that hairspray type scent that's a bit inevitable with dry shampoos but it also has a bit of fruity scent to it that I like.  I wouldn't recommend using this or any other dry shampoo too many times in between washings and probably suggest sticking with 2 days max as there's only so much a dry shampoo can do.

I purchased mine from my hair favourite hair salon, Soul Scissors (who I highly recommend you check out if you live in the west of Melbourne) for $13AU. I did a quick search online and it seems like you can purchase it with relative ease from various online hair stores for between $13-$20. I think the price is pretty reasonable as you get a decent sized can and, for something that's actually effective, I'd repurchase for sure!

Have you tried this product before? Are there any dry shampoos you'd recommend?


  1. Thanks so much Jennifer! I've really been liking the whole bangs look. I think I'll definitely keep it for a while :)