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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kiss Goodbye to MS- Day 16

Here's my red lip for today. It's Rimmel 1000 Kisses lip liner in Coffee Bean topped with MAC Pro Longwear in Prolong. This lipstick does nothing for my colouring as it's a bright red with blue under tones. I took a punt and applied it on top of a more burgundy lipliner and, although it's still not my favourite shade, it looks much better than on its own! The Pro Longwear Lip Cremes have such an odd finish and they stay tacky on the lips which I dislike. I own two of the shades and they were both a miss for me. Prolong was a gift from a lovely friend though so I always endeavour to find a way to wear it :)

16 days down, 15 to go!

We're at the half way point now and thanks to the lovely support I've received so far I'm up to $375! Thank you so much to all who donated, I really appreciate it and it's such a great cause!

If you want to know what this series of posts are about or want to donate yourself, check out the original post by clicking here. 

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