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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters: Worth the hype?

Aussie beauty bloggers have been getting excited these last 2 weeks over the fact that Priceline (an Australia drug store chain) was having a Buy One Get One Free' offer on Revlon. The reason for all the excitement was the fact that this deal covered the new Lip Butters that have been getting rave reviews across youtube and blogs alike. I'd seen some of the excited tweets but I managed to stop myself from buying any lipsticks until today when I stopped by my local Priceline store and the Lip Butter stand just called to me.

It was crazy how many shades there were but I managed to limit myself to 4. I decided on Pink Truffle, Red Velvet, Raspberry Pie and Lollipop. I'd orginally also picked up Tutti Frutti (a beautiful bright coral) but it turned out I had a tester in my hand and they were all out of the actual product :( I might try my luck tomorrow (the last day for the offer) and see if I can find it at another store.

The lipsticks come in silver bullets with textured plastic covers which are in a shade similar to the lipstick they belong to. The caps all have a clear window at the top so you can easily look through and see exactly what shade you're grabbing if the coloured lids aren't working for you. The lipsticks are completely wound down when new which is typical of lipsticks which are very creamy so as to prevent them from breaking. Always wind up as little of the lipstick as you can when applying so as not to put too much pressure on the soft lipstick.

The consistency of this lipstick is so soft and buttery (hence the name!) and they apply really beautifully. These lipsticks feel like a thicker balm on the lips which makes them such a joy to wear! No dry flaky lip with these babies! They're also a lot more pigmented then I thought they'd be. Not all of the shades in the range are  like this but most of the shade's I picked have a really good colour pay off. Swatched below from left to right is Pink Truffle, Red Velvet, Raspberry Pie and Lollipop.

I swatched each shade on my lips and then showed a comparison with my lips without product. First up is Pink Truffle which is a really beautiful pink toned brown. This is one of those 'My lips but better shades' for me which picks up on the pink in my lips and then creates the perfect neutral lip. Neutral lip shades are my favourite to pair with bright or smokey eye looks and I'd choose them any day over a nude lip.

Next up is Red Velvet which is a really pretty vampy red which has a slight plummy edge to it. I actually bought this shade for my mum but I can see that I may end up stealing it from time to time. This shade is perfect for the autumn season when compared to the bright orange toned reds I usually wear as it's slightly toned down.

Next up is Raspberry Pie which is probably my favourite shade of the ones that I bought because I'm a sucker for red-toned pinks. This one is really pigmented and is one of those shades that brightens up your face when you put it on. This shade is made for sunny days and warm summer nights but will also look great brightening up an autumn look.

Last but not least is Lollipop. This shade is a gorgeous cool toned pink which has a really pretty purple irridesence through it. I love shades like this and probably have too many in my collection but I think they're really fun to wear. I usually manipulate shades like this to make them pull more purple or pink by changing up the lipliner I wear underneath.

You can probably tell that I am loving these lispticks and I'd highly recommend them. The lipsticks cost a bit over $10 each because of the BOGOF offer but at the normal retail price of $20+, I don't know if I'd have been willing to pick them up. This is nothing against the product but just because of my usual annoyance at having to pay more than double the US price for the same things! If you're in Australia, the offer ends tomorrow so I'd recommend going and checking these out before they jump back to normal price.

Have you tried any of the Revlon Lip Butters? What do you think of them?


  1. Raspberry Pie looks stunning on you (also envious of your brows). Hope you find Tutti Frutti - it's gorgeous! (:

  2. i love my revlon lip butter, i have it in macaroon which is a UK edition.
    Off to buy some more lip butter soon :) i think i need pink truffle

  3. I love the blue shimmer running through Lollipop. I'm going to find that hard to resist!

  4. Ahh I have so many of these that I bought in Thailand for cheap, but Red Velvet isn't available there and I really like the look of it. They all look so great on you!

  5. Thanks Michelle! I have to say that you're the first person to be envious of my crazy brows but thanks all the same :D Lol I couldn't resist so I went and found Tutti Frutti today and it is really pretty!

    Ruhi: I saw Macaroon online and was so shattered I couldn't get it here because it looks gorgeous. I highly recommend Pink truffle, such an easy to wear every day shade!

    Vita: It's pretty fabulous so why try and resist it ;)

    Thanks Emma! Makeup was so much cheaper there but I didn't think to get these when I was there for some reason! Red velvet is lovely but I also love the other red, Candy apple which I haven't swatched yet.

  6. Not to be an enabler but I think you should get some :D Especially Raspberry Pie!