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Monday, April 23, 2012

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I've been using the Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser exclusively for the last year or so and, combined with my Clarisonic once a day, I've seen a marked improvement in my skin tone and texture. Now that my skin has settled down and I finally understand it, I decided it was about time I ventured out with my skin care. First up was finding a new cleanser and I'd seen so many recommendations and rave reviews for Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot cloth cleanser that it was the clear choice for me.

 Liz Earle products aren't stocked in Australia but luckily the Liz Earle website delivers to Australia so I happily searched for things to try. I ended up picking up a few bits and pieces and I have to say first up that I was so impressed with the site. I live in Australia but I received this order from the UK within a week of ordering which was a pleasant surprise! When it came it was all nicely packaged and there was even a free travel sized product which I thought was a lovely touch. I just love when you can see that a brand has gone the extra mile to make your online shopping experience special and that's what I got from this brand.

I purchased the 100ml pump starter kit which was £14.25 (about $22 AU) and includes the cleanser, 2 pure muslin cloths and a cute little green bag to hold them in for travel purposes. I was expecting the product to be pricier than it is so I can definitely see myself repurchasing this. The bottle that I picked up comes with a pump which I always love in a product as it makes things so much more convenient. The packaging is really sturdy and I love the green colour scheme which is simple and clean looking.

If you don't know about this product, it is a 2 step process where you cleanse the skin by massaging the product in and then polish it off using the muslin cloths. You use the cloths when they're warm so that they keep your pores open and then finish up with cold water to close your pores. The massaging action also helps aid circulation and the polishing acts as an exfoliating step.

It's really easy to use and is really effective thought I'd do a step by step to show you how I use it and how well it cleans. Now I know that some people use a lot of this product but I haven't found that you need a lot to get this product to work. For my morning cleanse I use the following amount:

For my night time cleanse/makeup removal, I use double that amount. I don't use it all at once though and use a bit over half this amount for my face and the remainder for my eye makeup.

First I massage the cleanser on to all of my face and neck excluding my eye area. The cleanser is quite dense but it spreads really well and has a good amount of slip to it. I rub the product between the tips of my fingers to warm it a bit and then start massaging it onto my dry skin in small circular motions with my finger tips using gentle pressure and no tugging and pulling. The amount that I use is enough to loosen up my every day foundation and concealer but I would use a bit more on nights out where I tend to wear heavier coverage products.

Once I'm done with the skin, I take the remainder of the cleanser, rub it with my finger tips and then start gently massaging it on to my eyes concentrating on my lashes and liner. I leave the eye makeup for last to prevent my eye makeup from spreading all the way around my face. The picture below looks crazy but you can see how the eye makeup has already started to lift.

Now we get to the polish stage! First I grab my muslin cloth and run it under hot water and then rinse it off so it's damp but not wet. It should retain the heat from the hot water and be warm to the touch.

I grab the cloth and, using gentle pressure, I start polishing off the cleanser in small circular motions.

You can see all the product that is getting cleansed off on the muslin cloth. I just keep rinsing off the cloth once it loses its warmth and keep polishing until I've gotten all the foundation off from my face.

As the eye area is so delicate, I don't use any rubbing motions to cleanse it and instead fold the cloth over and then just gently press it to my eyes for a while like below.

With little effort, this method removes the majority of my eye makeup as you can see below. I repeat the step about 2 or three times until I get all of the remnants of my eye makeup off.

I finish up by doing one last polish of my whole face with the warm cloth and then I rinse the cloth under cold water and press it on to my skin to close up the pores. The end result is perfectly cleansed skin as you can see on the right below.

Apart from how well this cleans my skin and removes my makeup, what I love about this product is how gentle it is. This doesn't irritate my eyes at all and my skin doesn't feel dry or tight after I cleanse with it. I also really love the scent which predominantly smells of eucalyptus. The ingredients really work with my skin (ingredient list below) and Liz Earle recommends this cleanser for every skin type so much that it's the only one they sell.

I highly recommend this cleanser and think it's really lived up to the hype. I actually look forward to cleansing every morning and night because of this product!

Have you tried the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish? Would you recommend it or did it fail to work for you?


  1. Ahalya, all the way from Greece, I love your name and I love your blog! One more wonderful post, thank you!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment Néphèle! I love your name too :)