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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Kate Collection for Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick #12

I was in Priceline the other day looking for something to spend my money on when I came across the Kate collection of Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Rimmel. This is a collection of 7 shades developed by Kate Moss for Rimmel.  The lipsticks come in a black case with Kate's name written on it in red and I think it's really cute.

All the lipsticks were lovely but only one really stood out to me because it was different (enough) to any shade I currently own. I picked up shade 12 which is this bright coral shade that matches the intensity and quality of a lot of my higher priced products. The finish of the shade is the modern matte favoured by a lot of brands of late and reminds me a lot of the finish of MAC's Iris Apfel lipsticks.

I have a lot of reds, oranges and orange/red's in my collection so I wanted to show how this shade differs. Looking at the swatch below, the Rimmel shade is in the middle with Milani Mandarina on the left and MAC Scarlet Ibis on the right. Mandarina is a straight up orange while Scarlet Ibis is a definite orange toned red. The Rimmel shade on the other hand is like a mixture of the two with a hint of pink thrown in which softens it slightly.

My lips are quite pigmented but this lipstick covers them without any trouble. It goes on really smooth but, like any matte shade, it will start drying up your lips after a while. I find I can get a good 3 or 4 hours wear without eating or drinking. This lipstick wears off really evenly so I end up with a lovely coral stain towards the end of the day.

Here's a full face shot so you can see how it looks on me. I don't usually suit coral's but this shade has a real brightening effect.

I love this shade and have been wearing it constantly since I bought it. I picked it up from Priceline for about $11 from memory and I would highly recommend it. I was also eyeing shade #4 which is a dark vampy purple so I'll be sure to swatch it if I get it. 


  1. Such a pretty color! I picked up 2 other shades from this line.

  2. Oh wow, pretty shade! Looks amazing on you! Unfortunately we don't have Rimmel... ):

  3. I love this colour on you, it's beautiful!

  4. Rai: It's gorgeous! I just picked up another one too, the colours are really sophisticated for a high street brand!

    Natalie: Thanks! Where do you live that you don't get Rimmel? I think it should be relatively easy to buy online :)

    GlossQueen: Thank you :)

  5. oh I love this!! I'm actually going to look for this one, it looks great for summer!

  6. Aseya: It's such a gorgeous shade! I can't get over how sophisticated the colour is for a drug store brand!