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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Big Cull! Ridding my stash of unused goods

Having a shopping addiction and being a hoarder are two things that do not go well together. Unfortunately I seem to suffer from both these traits and as much as I love buying new items, I also can't bear to throw anything away.

Today I decided enough was enough and I went through and tackled my makeup collection to ge rid of all those things that I should have thrown out but didn't. I also went through and weeded out all of the products I bought with the best intentions but just haven't used. I've put out the call to my friends to come by and grab what they want because I'd rather someone use them since I haven't been!  After going through my stash, the stuff below is what I've decided to get rid of:

I feel so much better having done the big cull but now that my unused items have been removed from my collection my shelves and drawers have just enough space for some new things...

Is your collection full of things you don't use? How often do you do a big clean out of your beauty stash?


  1. Wow that's a lot of products to get rid of! I try and rotate all of my blushes, so I get a good use out of them all, but there are some things that are left in the back of my drawers (e.g. quite a few lipsticks and eyeshadows). As you are, I also can't seem to bear to throw anything away. Your friends are so lucky :) xx

  2. OMG youre getting rid of all of that!?!?! wow. ones man junk is another mans treasure for sure haha

  3. That too faced palette is stunning!
    Its such a shame you have to get rid of so much!

  4. Hi! Are you gonna do a blog sale? I would be interested, but I live in France though.=)

  5. I think I should do a big cull like you, I have so many bits that are collecting dust! Perhaps it's time for a spring clean!

  6. Woot! That's a lot of stuff. Are you going to sell it?

  7. Michelle: Even with rotating my products, this is the stuff that I literally have used once or twice or never apart from swatching! I’d rather they go to a good home then stay unused :)

    Donna: Lol well this is the stuff that I can’t throw out but I am more than willing to give away. Reading so many blogs, I always get caught up in the moment and ‘have to have’ something but don’t always use them. It’s a definite bad habit I need to break!

    Gianna: I love the look of the palette but the shadows are too shimmery for me. I have a friend who would love it though so it’s better she has it :)

    Sonam: I had considered doing a blog sale but I decided against it with this lot of products. It’s something I may do in the future though :)

    Kat: Trust me, it feels awesome once it’s done! Next I plan on tackling my closet!

    Vita: I decided against it with this lot but I may do one later on :)