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Monday, March 26, 2012

Lana Del Rey inspired FOTD

I'd been meaning to do a Lana Del Rey inspired FOTD for a while but a suggestion by a friend kicked me into gear. I (like many people out there) adore Lana's style with her modern take on retro and vintage hair and makeup. She always looks beautiful and seems to favour a cat eye fick, neutral lids with a brown in the crease and loads of mascara. She usually opts for a very nude lip which accentutates her big pillowy lips.

I don't look anything like Lana but I decided to use all of these images as inspiration for my own look. I love this type of makeup because it's very classic but glamourous and suits just about anyone! False lashes would be perfect for this look but I thought they would be overkill for parading around my room.

To get this look I did the following:
I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion to the lid and into the crease
I applied MAC Solar White eyeshadow to the mobile lid to add a gold sheen
I topped this with a mix of MAC Bamboo eyeshadow and MAC Brule eyeshadow so that the shimmer was muted and all that was left was a slight sheen very similar to my skin colour but with a slightly brighter gold undertone.
I applied a mix of MAC Concrete eyeshadow and MAC Cork eyeshadow into the crease
I drew a flick with my Illamasqua Precision Ink liner in Abyss. Use black eyeshadow to do this if you want a softer look. You can make this liner as thick or as thin as you want. This is usually as thick as I like to go.
I used a smokey liner brush to apply some MAC Typographic eyeshadow to the bottom lashline keeping the darkest part on the outer edge and fading the line into nothing on the inner edge.
I applied Revlon Matte Soft Kohl Pencil in White to the waterline, around the tear duct and just under the outermost part of the flick.
I applied lots of Avon Supershock Mascara to the top lashes.
For the bottom lashes, I picked up some mascara on an eyeliner brush and painted a few lashes together so it looked like I had put in some individual false lashes.

I also went in with my MAC Stud Brow Crayon and filled in my brows, making them darker then they usually are. I also used some MACBrow Set in Mink to keep them in place.

For the rest of the face I used:
MAC Mathcmaster Foundation in shade 5
Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfector in Orange
TheBalm TimeBalm concealer in Mid Medium under the eyes
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder to set my under eye concealer
Illamasqua powder blush in Thrust along my cheekbones
MAC Brule eyeshadow as a highlight along my cheekbones
For the lips I patted on NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi

My friend really loved the look above from the Born to Die videoclip so I also did a shot where I wore a similar lip colour. To get the shade I started off by lightly filling in my lips with Bourjois Contour Lipliner in #25 Spirituelle. I then used a mix of MAC Rebel lipstick and NYX Black Label lipstick in Raisin to finish off.

I wanted to keep some softness in the lips depsite using such an intense shade so I didn't do a defined line around my lips. I also applied the lipstick by patting it and pressing it on to my lips with my ring finger rather than using it straight from the bullet or with a lip brush.

I put my hair in hot rollers for a few minutes and then pinned it to the side to get a bit of that old hollywood vibe going.

What do you think of the look? Who's your favourite makeup icon?


  1. Could you be any more beautiful? Seriously, stop! I love both lip looks with those eyes, I wish my neutral eye looks were that well done. Better get to practising! Lana Del Rey is a bit different, but undoubtedly a very beautiful woman.

  2. Beautiful! That liner shape looks really gorgeous on your eyes, I love it!

  3. Wow thanks Emma! Practice and a light hand are all it takes to get the whole blending thing down. She is stunning! Next up is learning how to recreate some of her awesome hair styles.

    Thanks Kayleigh! I think Lana's liner shape tends to be angled higher and is thicker but I prefer this type of line as it looks a bit sleeker.