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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Babyliss Pro Professional 30 Piece Hot Roller Set

I have a new obsession and it's not makeup for once! It's my Babyliss Pro Hot Rollers and I don't see this obsession dying anytime soon! Before I get on with the review, let me warn you that this review is very lengthy. I struggled to find information and pictures prior to purchasing it so hopefully the info and pictures I have included will help you in your research.

I had been debating purchasing rollers for so long and had my heart set on the Cloud Nine 'The O' but I just couldn't justify handing over more than $300 for it no matter how cool the concept was. Then I saw the Babyliss one on Beauty Bay for $47.40 and, with the free world wide shipping that they're offering, I was sold!

The pod thing that the rollers sit is so space agey and I love it! The 'pod' has two doors which you swing open to access the rollers.  One really simple but genius feature of this pod is the swing out stand that it has at the back. When you're heating the rollers, the arm is pushed in so the pod lies flat on the table but once you're ready to use it and the rollers are heated, you swing out the stand so the pod is standing upright. This makes the rollers really easy to access.

The set includes 30 rollers in 4 different sizes with 6 small (yellow), 8 medium (white), 8 large (blue) and 8 jumbo (red) rollers.  I wish the colours of the rollers weren't so primary and that they had the same colour scheme as the US version (pink, purple, lime green and teal) but I'm not going to fault the product for that. You also get 30 metal pins which are colour coded to match the roller they belong to and 15 black butterfly clips. I don't mind using the pins or the butterfly clips to hold the rollers in place so it's really a matter of preference.

The rollers themselves are ceramic (but feel plasticy) and have a hole on one side which allows them to sit on the metal poles in the pod which heat them from the inside out. The safety instructions that come with the rollers is really uninfromative and brief but I think all the rollers have to be in and the door shut while they're being heated.

The pod has 2 heat settings and I've just been using it on heat setting 'II' which I assume is the highest heat. What frustrates me about the product is that it doesn't tell you how to use it! I know that it should probably be simple enough but it's not. This product doesn't have any kind of indicator to tell you when the rollers are heated but only has a little red light which turns on when the product is on. You kind of have to do a bit of trial and error to figure out how long to heat the rollers for but I've found that heating the rollers for about 15 minutes is good. I usually turn it on before I go and brush my teeth and wash my face in the morning and then, by the time I've moisturised my face, the rollers are good to go.

The rollers can get very hot so avoid touching the middle part. The roller's have a cool grip on either end which basicaly refers to the part of the rollers that don't get heated. I would recommend closing the pod door any time you pull out a roller so you're not losing too much heat because I've found that the last few rollers can be substanitally cooler by the time I get to them. The pod heats most of the rollers well but I do find that there'll sometimes be 2 or 3 that aren't as hot as the others.

Now on to the actual use of the roller. Everyone has their own method but the way I do it is to start from the front middle section of my hair and work back and then I then do the sides, starting from the front again and work back. That probably sounds really confusing so just look at the picture above. My preference is to use the jumbo (red) rollers for the whole middle section and large (blue) rollers for the sides and then any remaining hair at the bottom gets rolled with the medium (white) rollers. This combination of rollers you use will depend on the look you're going for and the length of your hair so you'll need to play around. As a rule of thumb though, bigger rollers on top will give you looser waves and more volume at the crown.

You have to let the rollers cool competely before taking the the rollers out and that usually takes about 15-20 minutes. I put mine in before I do my makeup and by the time I'm finished getting ready, the rollers are ready to come out. My friend kindly volunteered to provide her beautiful hair for my before and after shot so you can see the effect. She has lots of hair so I ended up using about 24 rollers from memory and that's about the amount I use on my own hair. Her hair has a bit of a wave in it before but after the rollers she had beautiful va-va-voom curls! Once I take the rollers out, I put my fingers into the hair and then gently loosen up the curls by shaking them out at the roots and  gently working down.

I find that the curls I get from the rollers will stay in my hair for a few hours without product but I also have a natural curl in my hair. If you have straight hair then I would definitely recommend putting some sort of styling product through before and after to set the curl.

I highly recommend this set and think it's worth purchasing. Like I said at the start, I picked mine up from Beauty Bay for unde $50 but this sells in Australia for between $110 to $140 which is a massive increase! The set I bought online is made for the UK market so it comes with a UK plug but a $10 adaptor will solve that problem. If you're out of the UK or Australia, you may need a transformer so that the voltage difference doesn't cause any issues. Make sure you research before buying it!

What do you think you of these hot rollers? Do you have a different hot roller set you'd recommend?


  1. I love hot rollers! My sister has a babyliss set that I borrow. She actually has two, because we've found that most sets don't have enough of the larger rollers. Definitely going to look into these ones, thanks for the review!

  2. I will look more into these. I have been on the lookout for good heated curlers!

  3. I do not have a hot roller set but after seeing these pics it looks like something I should invest in!!! These seem so old school but glad to see them back in action!