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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rimmel Kiss & Stay Lipgloss: The gloss that stays just a little too long

This month's ILoveThisBox sample box contained a full sized lipgloss by Rimmel. I thought it was great that that they included a gloss in there but I only wish they had gone with a different kind! Don't get me wrong, I like Rimmel as a brand and I own quite a few products by them but every brand has hit or miss items and this was most definitely a miss for me!

The product is called 'Kiss and Stay' as you're meant to be able to wear this and have it be kiss proof. I was given the colour 'First Kiss' and the product is in a double ended tube with one side containing the Step 1 colour which is a bright pink. The Step 2 side contains a super sparkly mauvey gloss which applies clear. The Step 1 colour is the one that has the long lasting properties in it.

Without flash:

With flash:

So I put on the step 1 colour not expecting much to happen and before my eyes I can see my lips start to shrivel and I just get this crazy amount of tightness on my lips! Just look at how dehydrated my lips look!

I put on the gloss after that and, while my lips started to get some mositure back in them, the tightness was still there if a little bit reduced.

The shade is... ok. It's not my favourite as the pink that was included is very reminiscent of the shades of pink that was big in the 70's and has this unflattering pearlescent sheen to it and the gloss side is very 90's looking! I think that if the gloss was just clear or even in the same colour family as the coloured side, this product would have been vastly improved. Also, I would have loved for the pink side to have had more depth to it. This shade may look great on you but it just wasn't working for me.

Don't let the picture below fool you, I was acutally counting the minutes till I could take this stuff off and you'll see why in a little bit...

When it came time to take this off, I decided to do what I always do and tried rubbing this off with a tissue but this is what I was left with:

The thing just wouldn't budge! Since that didn't work, I tried using a makeup remover wipe and I was rubbing so vigorously at this point!

I wasn't really getting anywhere so I brought in the big guns and went at my lips with The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ. I can't explain how brutal I was and here is the result:

It still wasn't completely off! I had to finish up by rubbing at my lips again with my makeup remover wipe. Finally I was back to my thankfully product free lips! My lips felt so sore after this whole saga though. The only benefit for me was the reminder that I should exfoliate my lips more often because they were so soft afterwards!

Ok so I know that this product aims to deliver kiss proof lips and that it succeeded but does anyone really need lips that kiss proof?? I mean there's longlasting lipstick and then there's a product like this which almost tatoos itself to your lips! This may be what some of you are after but I like a product that I can wipe off with a normal amount of makeup remover when I'm done with it.

I'm putting this firmly in my fail basket because while you may need to suffer for your beauty sometimes, there's no need to suffer this much! I know this wasn't the most objective review but some products just bring this out in me!

What do you think of the product? Have you tried it before? What's your top fail product?


  1. Can't say much about kissing but these products are good for me, once i apply my lippie i need them to stay for the whole day...I use maybelline Superstay for this purpose...
    It's great for going out can drink and eat all you want and your lippie won't budge :)

  2. that colour reminds me so much of 'aunty colours' if you know what i mean... definitely skipping this product :S thanks for the review!

  3. Ruhi Shah: I've never tried Maybelline Superstay before. Is that product as difficult to remove? I like the idea of a long lasting lippie but I panic when it's this long lasting and I don't have the option of taking it off when I want!

    Michelle: I literally laughed out loud at your comment! I was actually thinking it was an 'aunty colour' as soon as I swatched it but I didn't think people would get what I meant :D

  4. Sorry for the late reply...yes it is quite hard to remove

  5. Lol thanks for replying Ruhi! I never expect a reply but it's nice when I get one :)