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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm in bright lipstick heaven with MAC Iris Apfel collection lipsticks in Pink Pigeon, Party Parrot & Scarlet Ibis

MAC has been busy releasing collection after collection but nothing caught my eye until the Iris Apfel collection came along. The moment I saw swatches of the lipsticks from this collection, I had to make them mine! I tried to limit my spending and only picked up 3 of the 5 available shades in Scarlet Ibis, Party Parrot and Pink Pigeon.

I'd never heard of Iris Apfel prior to this collection but, after some well spent time on Google, I can see why MAC chose to partner up with her! This woman is in her 90's and is still rocking these amazing fashion combo's that women a quarter of her age would be too scared to wear.

I was trying to figure out why all the items in the collection have a bird related name and I'm going to put that down to the reference of Iris Apfel as a 'rare bird of fashion'. The pictures I saw of Iris Apfel showed her wearing these shockingly bright colours which I assume is where the inspiration for these amazing lip colours came from. I warn you that these shades are super bright verging on neon but they are fabulous! From left to right is Pink Pigeon, Party Parrot and Scarlet Ibis.

Pink Pigeon is a matt bright blue based pink but this is one of the new generation matt's which are very creamy on the lips. This shade was a bit patchy on my lips so I would wear it over a lipliner but, then again, I wear all bright shades over a lip liner! This shade is a very close dupe for NARS Schiap except that this shade is much more comfortable to wear than the NARS formula. 

Party Parrot is a beautiful neon watermelon shade and I don't have anything like it in my collection. This is also a matt formula. This shade was much more opaque than Party Pigeon and went on really even.


Scarlet Ibis is a bright orange based red and is also a matt formula. This shade is almost an exact dupe for NARS Heatwave lipstick. 

I love all the shades that I bought and I can't wait to wear them out. If I had to recommend just one shade though it would have to be Party Parrot as I think it's the shade that's the hardest to dupe but I honestly don't think you could go wrong with any of these shades.

This collection won't be releasing in Australia as far as I'm aware so I bought my lipsticks from my fave ebay seller, Michelle from MakeupEmporium1. Her customer service was fantastic as usual and I got my products in a little over a week.

Did you pick up anything from the Iris Apfel collection? 


  1. I've been loving all things orange lately - Scarlet Ibis is my pick if I had to choose only one.

  2. Party Parrot looks amazing! x

  3. Thanks Aseya! You should check out this collection because there's some amazing lip shades in it!

    Vita: Scarlet Ibis is a great pick. I only wish I could stop myself from buying so many variations of this same orangey red shade!

    Ekta: It is amazing! I still haven't found the perfect opportunity to wear it out yet though.