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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How I Apply Cream Blush (feat Becca Hyacinth cream blush)

I was left a comment on my previous post asking how I apply cream blush so I thought I'd do a post on it. I'm using Becca cream blush in Hyacinth for this post as it's my favourite cream blush. I highly recommend Becca blushes because they meld perfectly with the skin and leave a really beautiful flush of colour. 

Some people like using their fingers to apply cream blush while others like using a brush. My preference is to use a combination of both. I like using a duo fibre brush and the one I use for cream blush is brush #56 by Becca which is called the Small Polishing brush. This brush is Becca's equivalent of a MAC 188 brush.

Sorry for the stained brush hairs! I used the brush before I thought to take photos.

This brush is the perfect size as it fits in the Becca blush compact easily and covers a good amount of the cheek when applying.

Before I apply my cream blush, I prep my face by applying my liquid foundation and under eye concealer. I always set my foundation and under eye concealer with powder but, when I use cream blush, I wait till after applying the blush to set it. This is because cream products work best over bare skin or cream/liquid foundation. I also wait till after applying my cream blush to do any concealing required on my cheeks.

I always smile when I apply my blush because it brings up the apples of my cheeks and makes it easier to apply the blush.

I tap the brush into the cream blush and stipple the blush on to my cheeks so there's a circle of concentrated colour. I don't apply the colour to the apples of my cheeks but slightly to the side. This is because I don't like the colour to be too intense on the apples. I know the picture below looks scary and like I have doll cheeks painted on but that will be gone very soon!

I then use my fingers to blend the majority of the colour back along my cheekbone and towards my hairline . Next I start blending the remaninder of the blush forward on to the apples of my cheek. I use a quick tapping motion with my middle finger to blend my blush rather than using a rubbing motion. This is so the foundation below doesn't get disturbed too much.

I don't bother concealing the blemishes on my cheeks anymore but if I wanted to, this is how I'd do it:

1. Apply some concealer on the back of your hand and then take the tiniest amount of blush on to the back of your hand as well.
2. Mix the two until you get a shade that looks similar to the shade of your cheeks with the blush on.
3.Once you get the perfect shade, dab the concealer on to the spots on your cheek that need concealing using a fine point concealing brush and then blend out the edges. If it turns out that the shade you mixed is too pink, just add more concealer or vice versa.

Once I'm happy with how the colour looks, I set my cheeks with some translucent powder. The end result is a natural flush of colour.

Was this post helpful? How do you apply your cream blush? 


  1. I've been mainly applying cream blush with my fingers. Thanks for the post, it helps a lot! :) x

  2. That blush looks so cute on you! I use a small stippling brush as well, but I dab the blush on the back of my hand and then blend it directly on my cheeks. I'm gonna try it your way :)

  3. The concealing tip is very smart! Great post :)

  4. Michelle: I don't know what it is but I just can't cream blush right when I apply it only with my fingers! I think I'm just too dependant on my brushes :)

    Thanks Aseya :) I'm going to try the dabbing on the back of my hand method next time. I usually apply then blend because I get too much product otherwise.

    Ekta: Thanks! :D

  5. very helpful....i just use my fingers, lol

  6. I apply cream blush the same way, with a stippling brush too. By the way, that color is sooo pretty.