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Friday, January 6, 2012

Dior Smoky Khaki Trio review, swatches & EOTD

I've been eyeing the Smoky Khaki palette from Dior's new range of 3 Couleurs Smoky since I first saw it but I restrained myself from purchasing it for such a long time. I convinced myself that I didn't need any more eyeshadow palettes and was quite proud of myself for passing on it until I saw it on Strawberrynet 2 weeks ago and found myself clicking 'add to cart' without even thinking about it. It scares me some times how easily I can spend large amounts of money without any effort!

The palette comes in the standard Dior velvet pouch with the dark blue case.

However, while at first sight it looks just like any other Dior eyeshadow palette (just a bit smaller)...

... it opens in a very unique way using a slide mechanism instead of a flip up lid which reveals...

... three gorgeous eyeshadows and a cute and functional pop up mirror! The packaging is a bit gimmicky and a little bit awkward to shut as you need to press down the mirror and then slide the lid back across but it is really interesting.

There is one mini sponge tip applicator and one mini double sided brush included. The quality of the brush isn't the greatest but it's useful to have in a pinch if you can't take your brushes with you. I tried using them to do a look (not the look below) and I managed to get a pretty decent outcome from them.

The palette comes with an insert on top (which I forgot to photograph- sorry!) which identifies the olive green shade on the top left as the 'soft smoky' shade, the sparkly shade on the top right as the 'couture smoky' shade and the gold at the bottom as the 'base' shade.

My swatches are not the greatest since my flash ran out of batteries so I recommend heading to my (and probably your) H.G. source of makeup swatches, Karlasugar. All of the trio's look gorgeous but I went with the Khaki one since it's a colour that's unrepresented in my substanital makeup collection. The 'soft smoky' is a beautiful satin olive green shade that is perfect for the crease. The 'couture smoky' shade is this really complex sparkly taupe mixed with green and the 'base' shade is a very neutral gold shade.

I love this trio because the shades are really wearable and quite neutral. I was worried that the 'couture shade' would have a lot of fall out and look too sparkly on the lids but it looks gorgeous when worn as it catches the light in a really nice way and didn't have any fallout.

I used the colours in a look the other day and I loved the combination. I used Chanel Epatant Illusion d'Ombre as a base all over my lid and applied the 'base' shade on the inner half my lid, the 'couture shade' on the outer half of my lid and the 'soft smoky' in the crease. I finished off with Shiseido The Makeup fine liquid liner and Avon Supershock mascara.

For the rest of my face I used Make Up For Ever HD foundation in 153, NARS Gina blush on my cheeks and Chanel Liberte Rouge Coco Shine on my lips.


I picked up the palette for $53 from Strawberrynet and, while I love it, it is a lot of money to spend on one palette. I'd recommend these palettes if you're looking for one good eyeshadow palette with a good combination of shades. If you already have a lot of eyeshadows then most of these shades from the range will probably be dupeable from your collection. I know that the shades in the other trios look very similar to other shades I own. If you're looking to splurge though, Dior is the way to go because I've never gone wrong with any Dior palette that I've purchased.

What do you think of this palette? Will you be picking up any of the Dior Smoky Trios?


  1. That eye makeup is SO beautiful and shimmery and amazing! It looks stunning on you - I gotta dig out my Chanel Epatant and give it a go as a base for other shadows - I completely didn't think of using it like that, I only used it on its own!