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Thursday, November 17, 2011 November goodies!

When I was contacted by one of the co-founders of new Aussie beauty sample box company and given then chance to try the November box for free, I jumped at the chance! If you're not sure what the beauty sample box is, it's basically a box of samples that you get delivered to your door every month for a subscription fee.

I know some people question why you would pay for samples but the idea behind these beauty boxes is that you'll receive 'deluxe' samples or even full size products at times. The purpose is to allow you try new or 'must have' products without having to buy the full sized versions. It's also just a fun thing to do since you get a present at your door every month!

Different versions of the beauty box have been available in the US and UK for quite a while but Australia has been sadly lacking. There have been other companies who are in the process of launching but the only other company I could find that was up and running was the Lust Have It box.

I received my first yesterday so I thought I'd take you along the journey with me of opening the box so you can see what to expect. First up, the box was HEAVY which had me intrigued as to what was inside (the surprise is most of the fun). The packaging of the box initially left me underwhelmed...

... but then I opened up the package and there was a lovely little box inside. I was impressed that the company had gone to the effort of providing personalised outer and inner packaging.

Lovely little welcome card inside:

Nicely wrapped up goodies:

And after tearing open the tissue paper we have the goodies!

They supplied a little card which tells you exactly what is included in the box:

First up was the set of 3 Caudalie Paris face care samples which look cute but are very small! Can't wait to try them out though.

Next up was a full sized eyeshadow sample from Nvey Eco in the shade Taupe. This brand's philosphy is based on a true organic product so I was interested in seeing how it performed.

Unfortunately the shade is not exactly what I was expecting from the colour in the pan. The shade look like a chalky grey on me when I swatched it but I'll try it on my lids first before passing judgment.

Next up was a miniature bottle of Essie Topless and Barefoot nailpolish from the Spring 2011. I was really happy to see this sample in the box because I still haven't had a chance to try out Essie nailpolishes.

I really liked the shade and swatched it below. Please ignore my atrocious application, you can see why I don't do many nailpolish swatches!

Next up was a full sized version of Keratinology by Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner. Receiving these products was great timing since I was just thinking that I needed to buy some shampoo and the ones provided smell AMAZING! I could smell it as soon as I opened the lid of the sample box and wondered if they had sprayed something in it.

Last but not least was this POD Liquid Tan gradual tanning face serum. I obviously don't use tanning products so this was a bit of a miss for me but I'm sure I can find it a good home with one of my friends.

There was also a discount offer for Magnolia Silver Jewellery included.

I was surprised that I loved the first box by this company so much and it was enough to have me sign up for a monthly subscription last night. The membership options are good with a yearly membership (12 boxes) for $164 and monthly membership for $14.95 with all prices being all inclusive of shipping and handling. I decided to go for the monthly membership because you can cancel when you want and I was preparing for the possibility that the quality of the samples might get worse as time goes on. I hope that doesn't happen though because I would love to have a good Aussie version of the beauty sample box!

I'll be posting up the contents of each box as I get them but what are your thoughts on the first beauty sample box? Will you be trying it out? Also, do you have any other recommendations for Aussie accessible beauty sample box companies? Let me know below!

Disclosure: Product sent by company for consideration

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