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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Smokey Green EOTD using Sleek Storm Palette

I know that one of the big makeup no-no's is matching your makeup with your clothes but rules are made to be broken! That's why I decided to try out a smokey green look yesterday while wearing a similar coloured cardi.

I used the Sleek Storm Palette (review coming soon) to get this look and I have to say that I LOVE this palette! I bought this and the Urban Decay Naked Palette at the same time and I have been reaching for the Sleek one so much more. The colours in this palette are just beautiful and as soon as I saw the stunning smokey teal colour in this palette, I knew I had to use it in a post!

The colours I used for the look are circled below in red. I only used two lid colours, the teal and gold, and then used the other shades for blending or darkening the crease.

Here are the swatches of the shades. There is a colour swatched next to the black but it's hard to see as it's pretty much my skin tone colour and it's matte which makes it great for blending.

To get the look I used the steps below:

Step 1: Prime lids using Urban Decay Primer Potion

Step 2: Apply MAC Indianwood Paint Pot to the lid. I used this because it's very neutral on my skin tone but you can use whatever works for you.

Step 3: Apply the gold shade from the Sleek Storm Palette to the inner half of the lid

Step 4: Apply the dark teal shade from the Sleek Storm Palette to the outer third of the lid

Step 5: Slowly start pulling the teal shade over onto the gold so you get a gradient effect. This technique can take a while to learn but it really just requires a light hand and patience.

Step 6: Pick up a mixture of the dark brown matte shade and the black matte shade from the Sleek Storm Palette on a blending brush and apply to the outer v and crease.

Step 7: Use the lightest nude matte shade from the Sleek Storm Palette to blend out any harsh edges.

Step 8: Apply liquid liner. I used the MeMeMe Cosmetics Eye Sweep liner (product sent for consideration).

Step 9: Apply mascara. I used the Avon Supershock mascara which I received free with a magazine.

Step 10: This step is optional but I finished off the look by applying a green liner to my bottom lashline. I used the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On liner in Covet.

On an unrelated note, I went shopping yesterday and I came across these cute studs which came in a pack of 9 different earrings named the 'Coco' range (I'm assuming after Coco Chanel). They were from Colette Accessories which is an Australian accessories store which seems to mainly sell costume jewellery and bags.

How adorable are they? There was also a pair of small pearl studs, small diamante studs and a pair of plain gold heart studs included in the pack which I haven't shown. I have a nickel allergy but these are apparently nickel free so hopefully I can wear them without getting a reaction!

It took me a while to figure out what these were but they're little perfume bottles :)


  1. I love this look, that green is such a gorgeous colour. I'm the same as you, my Sleek Storm palette gets used constantly and my Naked Palette has barely been touched. I'm in love with those earrings especially the little glasses, so cute!

  2. I did an almost identical look earlier this year ( This post reminded me about it.. I must do it again! The green makes the biggest difference. Love the lipstick studs too.. way too adorable!

  3. Thanks Megan! Storm palette all the way! I think the Naked palette is way over hyped and I got myself into a frenzy over it just because it was so unattainable for so long!

    Saim: I checked out your look and it's beautiful and can I say, you have the most amazing eyebrows! I'm so jealous! As for !similar looks- I figure there's only so many ways you can apply makeup and it's a guarantee that any look a blogger comes up with has been posted before by someone else and will be again :) I'm now following you by the way, love your blog!

  4. This is such a great look! :) and those earrings are so fun :D

  5. ohhhhh those earrings are adorable! especially the little lipsticks and little cameras!

    I love that green on your eyes - its actually quite subtle but at the same time goes with your cardi! We have to catch up soon!


  6. nice look. the green makes the look special.

  7. lovely eye look!!beautifully done.Ahalya which blending brush do you use? your eye look is so well blended!

  8. I love this look. Perfect for the TMNT costume I'm wearing this weekend! Are you doing more halloween looks this week?
    Plus collette accessories? I don't think we have them in Sydney :(
    Argh! Everything is cooler in Melbourne!
    xxx Suga

  9. Such a pretty look! I am one for breaking rules, I can never stop myself from matching my makeup to what I'm wearing ;)

  10. ooooh how much do i love this look?? A LOT! :) its great, digging the pop of color on the bottom

    Vonnie of

  11. I have to get that Sleek palette, it looks so usable. And affordable! I could deal with barely touching my Naked palette if it hadn't cost me $60.

    Also - those Colette earrings are great! I might have to venture to the other side of the city to check them out. I spotted some really lovely earrings from there in the weekend paper that were about $5, and I *must* have those little camera studs.

  12. Ki: Thanks :) I love the earrings! I’ve never really been into studs but these have made me a convert.

    Achowchow: I thought you’d like them :) Thanks dude! Can’t wait to see you xx

    Coco: I do love a good swipe of green liner to make a look pop :)

    Giggle girlie gang: Thanks! I actually started doing a post with the blending brushes I use after I saw this comment and I’ll be posting it up soon. I use different ones for different things so I thought responding in a post would be easier :)

    Suga: I saw your pics and you looked awesome! I see you went for sexy TMNT rather than the standard TMNT ;) You do have Colette in Sydney! There’s heaps of the stores there. Just check out the website :) xx

    Emma: I know! I always look to my outfits for ideas about what to do with my makeup :)

    Vonnie: Lol thanks!

    Anna: I know, the guilt over the cost of the Naked palette is what’s making me reach for it at least once a week. Not to mention the amount of time it took me to get it!

    They have such a great range of accessories for a really good price. I really have to stop buying though! :)

  13. I just ordered this palette and now i'm so excited to try this look! so gorgeous :) xx

  14. I think you'll love it when it arrives! I like your blog btw. I'm always looking for new Aussie bloggers. I was trying to follow your blog but google friend connect was playing up so I'll give it another go later :)