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Saturday, October 22, 2011

NARS Bloodwork lipgloss: Creepy name but Gorgeous shade!

I'm sure you've all realised by now that I love a good red lip so of course I had to share one of my new faves, NARS Bloodwork lipgloss. I used this in a FOTD some what recently but I thought this shade was way too fabulous not to have its own post.

The name 'Bloodwork' might put you off but I can definitely see why NARS went with it because this is definitely one really opaque (but beautiful) blood coloured red.

I picked up the mini size which came in a gift set with 4 other shades and was planning on getting a full sized version but this colour seems to have disappeared from the NARS website. I'm assuming that means it's been discontinued :(

I decided to still do a post on it though because discontinued never really means discontinued in the makeup world.

Just look at that gorgeous colour! It's got a definite tinge of orange in it which has this really brightening effect and which makes it a perfect summer shade.

The gloss itself is a bit thick and quite sticky as most NARS glosses seem to be but I don't find it uncomfortable to wear. I just find that I need to check on my lips a few times a day to see how the colour's wearing and touch up if necessary.

As this is such an opaque shade, my preference is to wear it over a lipliner so I don't have to continuosly reapply it but it's personal preference. I find that I can get a good 2 to 3 hours wear out of this product if I don't eat or drink.

If you're a bit scared of the intensity, you can always wear it as stain by blotting the colour off or by applying a bit with your finger.

Sorry the colour below is a bit uneven because I didn't blot the colour off carefully.

I prefer a glossier lip so if you're like me, just put some clear gloss on top to keep the intense shine that Bloodwork has when applied more opaquely.

I also did a comparison with Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque. That's Dragon on the left and Bloodwork on the right. I really like Bloodwork but I just don't think it has the same versatility, complexity and longevity that Dragon does.

I'd definitely recommend this shade if you get the chance to purchase it. I wouldn't recommend it over Chanel Dragon but it's definitely a nice red.

Have you tried this shade? What do you think of it? Also, what lengths have you gone to so that you can own a discontinued product? Let me know below!


  1. i really like the nars but love the chanel!

  2. You have me wanting Chanel Dragon so much now! Bloodwork looks fab on you but I love the complexity of Dragon, so gorgeous!

  3. So pretty!! It definitely lights up your face and you're lips are so pretty!! As far as discontinued products go, once it's out, it's out of my mind lol I only lust after it if I keep having to look at it!

  4. Crazy pigmentation! That's a gorgeous shade.

  5. oh wow that's an intense red... but i have to agree with you, chanel dragon is something i'd rather have.

  6. This shade is gorgeousness. ♥

  7. I love that shade of red! I usually go for reds with an orange base so I think I'm going to try and track it down! I haven't tried the Chanel Dragon - which one do you think would be better for moi?


  8. I love the color, but my skin tone shuns anything with an orange hint to it. I wish I could pull it off because it is beautiful! On a side note, I feel like NARS lip glosses always give me a problem with the initial application if it is a vibrant color. It does settle into place after a little while, but it can be very messy in the beginning. As far as discontinued products go, I was AGHAST when I missed out on MAC's Hibiscus lipstick this summer, and tried called MAC stores as far away as California (I live in Minnesota, USA). I refuse to pay outrageously inflated prices on Ebay, but I will make cross-continental phone calls! LOL

  9. I really like the molten vinyl look of NARS Bloodwork gloss, but it's not one that I reach for a lot for some reason.

    Great for a punchy pin up look, or something for a fancy dress party

  10. i broke out my holiday size of bloodwork and was going to buy it and its no where to be found.
    I am super sad too. its love it for my full lips.