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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Liquid Liner Art for FunnyFace Beauty's Dare to Wear Challenge #4

It's Dare to Wear Challenge time over at FunnyFace Beauty and this time Alicia has picked liquid liner art as her challenge of choice. Many of the inspiration images are from Illamaqua's Theatre of the Nameless collection and I can see why because they're stunning. Then again, Illamasqua rarely fails to deliver beautifully gothic imagery with their collection releases.

When I first tried the look, I decided to just go for it and went the blocked out brows route but I looked so strange as my brows weren't very expertly blocked out that I couldn't bear to post the images. I'm sorry, next time I'll take one for the team and show you my look with sadly blocked out eyebrows included. :D

Now, I tried to capture the feel of the Illamasqua imagery when taking my pictures and well... I failed! Lol, this whole posing thing is much harder than it looks! I will no longer be an armchair judge when watching ANTM because now I can see why it's so hard to get that perfect shot!

I didn't go too creative with my look and pretty much used the Illamasqua image above as a template. Enjoy the awkwardness that is my face ;)

Lol I swear I don't take myself too seriously even if the pics above indicate otherwise!

I don't foresee myself walking around with this type of eyemakeup on or black lined lips but I did discover a new lipstick combo that I've fallen for. To get the colour I applied MAC Diva lipstick and then topped it with MAC Style Curve lipstick and the end result is this really pretty burgundy that I'm loving.

I realised after I'd finished that I forgot to add lashes so I popped on a pair on one of my eyes to show how they'd look. I decided to use a pair of lashes I was sent by KKCentreHK a while ago for consideration. The liquid liner I used was the Eyesweep Liquid Liner I was recently sent by MeMeMe Cosmetics and which I've been testing out. So far I'm really liking it.


The look is a little rough around the edges but really fun to do and I highly recommend a day of pulling out your liquid liner and just going nuts all over your face. I think there's still time to send in a look to Alicia so get lining! Just make sure no one sees you with it on or they may start to worry about you like my mum did when she walked in and saw me...


  1. Amazing!!! I love the look. The lips are spectacular and now you have me wanting to buy both MAC lipsticks. So glad you did this. Thanks!

  2. You rock that! Very avant garde!! It looks awesome :)

  3. Great job babe, I love these make up challenges, allows you to be so creative! I especially like the crazy eyeliner thing you've got going on there, very good interpretation of the Illamsqua look.

  4. very cool attempt at it! you have the prettiest eyes, you know that? so lovely

  5. That looks great! You manage to look super pretty without looking silly, that is awesome. That lip combo is lovely, it's nice to have a play around and stumble on something awesome doesn't it:)

  6. This is awesome!! It looks just like the promo picture, the liner on the eyes and lips is perfect!!

  7. Alicia: You know I love your Dare to Wears! They’re lots of fun to do! Both colours are great but Style Curve is limited edition I think :( I’ve seen a few other brands with a similar colour though.

    Sugarbumpkin: Thanks :)

    Kayleigh: I was trying to go for avant garde and I even had a mask that I was trying to bring into the picture but self portraits are harder than they look!

    Lilit: Thanks! I think it works as a part of a Halloween costume to  Without the black lined lips, i think it would look great for Cleopatra.

    Vonnie: Thanks so much! That’s such a sweet thing to say :) xx

    Emma: Thanks for the encouragement. If you’d seen me with the blocked out brows I think your comment would be slightly different ;)

    Ailah: Thank you! I can never get that angled blush right though. Definitely something I need to practice :)