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Friday, October 7, 2011

Get the look: Sultry Seductress (Guest Post)

I was recently given the opportunity to get a how-to post from Katerina Psathas who is a Makeup Artist at Adore Beauty. She has over eight years of experience in the beauty industry, covering areas including film, fashion photography, runway and bridal. You can view her profile here:

She's written up a post on how to get this gorgeous look worn by Freida Pinto. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful because it's full of some great tips!

Gorgeous crystal clear skin, totally kissable lips and super sexy eyes, what more could a gal want?

Here’s my take on how to achieve Freida Pinto’s look...

Prep work
Gorgeous skin is so much more than a great foundation. A good skincare routine tailored to your skins needs and concerns can make all the difference (I promise!).

Ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and moisturised (don’t skip the moisturiser if you have oily skin, simply opt for an oil-free or mattifying moisturiser)

To get that “my skin is naturally totally flawless” look, apply a silicone based primer to your skin. Don’t be put off by the slippery texture. Silicone based primers are great for filling in any fine lines, pores and imperfections, making your skin the perfect smooth canvas for foundation.

Apply a light to medium coverage foundation (depending on your personal preference) to your skin. Use a foundation stick or concealer to add a little extra coverage where required, eg. Nose cheeks etc.

For a slightly dewy look, try mixing a pea sized amount of liquid illuminator with your foundation before applying or apply a crème/powder highlighter to your cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of your nose and cupids bow for an oh so sultry, natural glow.

Seal your lovely base work with a powder and a large brush.

Apply a gold or silver toned cream shadow to your eye lids and along your bottom lash line (you can use your fingers for this step).

Then take a black eye-shadow and apply it to the outer corners of the eye working on in the crease. A bullet or contour brush is perfect for this application. If black frightens you, opt for a charcoal or chocolate brown.

Then take a blender brush and blend, blend, blend! Make sure you don’t go too high up towards the brow bone and that you apply the bulk of the colour to your outer corner crease.

Katerina’s tip: apply a small amount of colour, blend with a good quality blender brush, then take a step back and look at it. Repeat. This way you ensure a beautifully blended eye and you minimise the chance of you applying too much colour too soon. My choice of brushes: BECCA. They have a brush for almost everything and never fail to give professional results. I bought my first BECCA brush over 6 years ago and still use it!

Line the eyes with a black kohl eye liner. If your eye liner tends to run, opt for a gel eye liner which will stay put once it sets. Take a flat eyeliner brush, and "push and wiggle" the eye liner up, essentially creating a smoky look, but still ensuring a bold defined line around the eye.

Apply a light beige or cream eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes to make them appear wider. (Don't skip this step, it really makes a difference!)

Apply lashings and lashings of mascara and once they are dry, apply a pair of bar false lashes. If you’ve never used false lashes before I highly recommend you give it a go! Practice makes perfect and the results are definitely worth it.

Remove any eye shadow particles that may have fallen down under your eyes (tip: use a cotton bud rolled in foundation to pick up the shadow particles) and apply concealer with a brush.

Only use concealer where you need it, which is not necessarily under the entire eye, and make sure you apply it right around to the side of your nose, which is where a lot of our darkness comes from.

Take a rosy coloured blush and apply to the outer corners of your cheek apples and slightly up towards your temples. For a super natural finish, opt for a crème blush.

Finish off with a nude/rosy high-shine lip gloss to perfect your pout. Voila!

Thanks Katerina! I'm going to try out this look using the steps above and post a FOTD soon.

Also as a side note, the Adore Beauty team is running a survey about beauty addicts spending habits on a budget. The Adore Beauty Budgeting for Beauty Survey asks the tough questions and are asking for your help. The survey finishes on the 10th of October and is 3 questions long witha surprise at the end of the survey. (hint: it may or may not be a discount code ;)  ) Here's thelink:

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