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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NYC Color: $2 nailpolishes? Yes please!

I was killing time in Woolworths while waiting for a movie session and I happened to come across these N.Y.C. Color nail polishes marked at $2 each. Usually when I see one of these containers with budget polishes, I'll do a cursory sort through and then walk away from the inevitably ugly colours but this time was different because check out these beauties:

There was such a great colour selection and for $2 each I couldn't help myself. Spring has sprung in Melbourne so all the pastels were calling my name but there was also some great Fall type shades as well as fun glitter and neon polishes. My friend banned me from making any more glitter polish puchases but I managed to sneak a neon purple through even though it's not looking very neon in the picture above!

The polishes are swatched below:

The quality of the polishes varied from colour to colour but I think they were a bargain. I've been wearing these over my Seche Base Coat and topped with my Seche Vite as I find some of the colours just take forever to dry otherwise. I've been applying about 2-3 coats of each but the first shade 'Berry Fuchsia' is so opaque I've been able to get away with one coat.

I'd definitely recommend these so check them out if come across these in your travels.


  1. Good nail paint shades at cheap prices is great deal!I have never tried NYC but I do pick wet n wild nail paints (99 cents)if I find some cool shades.Good collection, my favorites are blue bird n lemon ,looking forward to NOTDs.

  2. VERY nice haul!! Few things get me excited like cheap (but still nice) nail polish!! :D

  3. love them. especially the blue shade :P

  4. giggle girlie gang: I'd never tried NYC before either but I'd definitely be willing to pick up more shades now. I've always been curious about the W'n'W polishes- might need to pick up a few :)

    kayleigh: Lol I'm the same! I get excited by any cosmetics that turn out to be good for a budget price :)

    Fruh: Yeah, it's hard to pick favourites at the moment but I have been wearing the peach shade a lot. The blue is next on my list to try out :)

  5. OMG where can I buy Wet n Wild nail polish in AUS?? Craving the black creme so bad!