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Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm Embracing the 80's

A strange thing has been happening to me lately... I start to do my makeup or hair and by the end I've unintentionally made myself look like an extra from an 80's movie. Sometimes it's too many brights at one time and at other times it's the really big hair but the end result is the same. Case in point:

Acid green nails, electric blue eyeliner and bright pink lips?? Did I choose these colours in the dark?

Well honestly as  accidental as this look was, I still wore it out and quite proudly might I add because I've just decided to own the need my sub conscious has for reliving the era of my birth. I figure at 26, I've only got so many more years where I can wear crazy colour combinations or in your face makeup or nails without feeling like mutton dressed as lamb.

I think that as long as you can accept that certain things aren't totally appropriate in certain settings, you have free license to wear what ever you want the rest of the time so why not just go for it? Some of my looks don't always work and really just end up being lesson's in what not to wear but at least they were fun to try!

I'm wondering if there's a point to this post as I'm sure you are as well but I guess it would just be: don't be afraid to try something new. Whether it's something as seemingly insignificant as a makeup look or something as big as moving somewhere new. We're usually only trapped by a version of ourselves we have stored in our heads so dare yourself to try something you'd never thought you'd do. The results just may be life changing... well probably not if it's a new lip colour but you get my drift :)

How do you feel about the nails by the way? They seem to have divided my friends into love or hate reactions but I'm feeling much better about them after a 7 year old boy told me he liked them :D


  1. LOVE it, as i am addicted to all things 80s....this doesn't even look like WHOA, ya know? very wearable, i've seen crazier. you have the brightness spaced out at least, nails lips eyes and not allllll the colors in a crazy concoction just on your face. i dig it

    cool nails, like those too

    Vonnie of

  2. Helloooooooooo I've missed you! And I say GOO for the bright colours and GO for the 80s! Though, I personally do think that we can experiment with our make up and clothes like this until our 40s since... 40s is the new 20s right? Just take a look at Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses - freaking hot! :)

    Muah, have to catch up soon, missed you!


  3. aww that's so cute about the 7 year old boy! :)

    I actually love the colors! I still have to get into brights on my face (yeah, now that it's going to be winter, soon!) But you're right! I'd rather be a 27 year old wearing bright makeup than a 37 year old! Must get started!

  4. great fotd. i like the acid green nail. the 7 yr old boy must think you're really cool! :)

  5. I love the nails and lips! the overall look is great - right balance, not overdone :)

  6. Vonnie: The look is brighter in person but definitely not in your face like some other looks I've seen. I might try out a truly 80's look though because the nice weather is making me crave bright :)

    Achowchow: Hello :) You lashed on our night in the other day :( I better see you soon! Lol I think there'll always be exceptions to the rule such as people like you but I don't know if I can rock my bright blue shadow and hot pink lips in my 40's. xx

    Come on Aseya! I've been trying to get you brave enough to get the brights out for ages! They'll look so good on you so I think you should get started like right now ;)

    prettymom: thanks :) Yeah I always feel like I've achieved something when a kid thinks I'm cool!

    voodoogirl: Thanks! I always just feel like I've overstepped when I pair blue shadow with pink lips.

  7. I love the neon colours of the 80s and think you have worn them fantastically! Its 80s but done classy.

  8. Rock it girl! I'm 45 and still pushing the envelope - with my nails anyway. :)

  9. Thanks Alicia! I am so into neons right now it's not funny! I'm trying to hold off until summer before I wear them though but they're just so fun to wear :) xx

  10. Go Vita! I think I'll probably be doing the same even if it's just on the w/ends :) Btw I am in lust with the silver polish you just posted! It's so pretty and glittertastic!