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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon just may be the perfect red.

I'm trying hard (well not really) not to turn into a Chanel addict but my favourite items from my recent haul have all been from Chanel. I've been really impressed by the quality of both the packaging and the product and the Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon has been no exception.

This product has topped lists for 'the best red lipstick' ever since it came out so I don't know why it took me so long to purchase it.

It's a liquid lipstick so it comes in a lipgloss type tube with a doe foot applicator.

The applicator is different to a standard doe foot though as it's straight on one side and angled on the other. I think this shape is meant to better deposit the product and it does except I think it tends to deposit too much product.

This wouldn't be a problem with a less intense shade but Dragon is so pigmented that you can get just as full coverage with thin layers as you can with thick layers. My preference is to apply this with a lip brush... well eyeshadow brush in my case since I've been using the brush that came with my Chanel Illusion d'Ombre.

On to the swatches...

How gorgeous is this red?? It's not just the shade that makes Dragon special (which lies somewhere in between a cool red and a true red) but also the gorgeous texture and finish. This product is like a really pigmented gloss that isn't sticky and which doesn't dry out your lips. It also has this beautiful almost metallic fine sparkle that runs through it which makes your lips look like they're covered in crushed rubies, not to oversell it or anything ;).

I decided to swatch it next to some of my other red's so you can get an idea of the shade. From left to right: NARS Heatwave lipstick, Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon, NYX Round lipstick in Snow White and MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme in Prolong.

Hopefully you can see the beautiful sparkle and complexity this product has compared with the other shades.

Here are some lip swatches:

The first one shows Dragon freshly applied and the second one shows Dragon after a few hours wear.

You can see that the shade still looks really good even though it's lost some of it's shine and intensity. I've been able to get at least 3 or 4 hours of solid wear with this product without having to reapply. When I do reapply I don't have to reapply to my whole lips and really only need to touch up. I also never have to apply any lip balm which is fantastic for a lipstick, especially a long lasting red like this!

One of the major reasons I love Dragon is because it works beautifully as a work place red...

... but also looks lovely with a more casual look which is why I've been wearing this shade constantly.

This product is pricey (by American standards) at $37 USD but well worth the splurge especially if you're a lover of red lips. I've also been eyeing off the shade Phoenix which is a gorgeous bright pink.

Have you tried any of the Rouge Allure Laques? What are your thoughts? Also, what's your favourite red lipstick?


  1. You look amazing with it on!!! And that makes TWO things I want from Chanel!

  2. Wow this looks super gorgeous!!I love the lip looks great on you:)

  3. This one has been on my list for a long time! Looks beautiful on you - such a vibrant red :) My favorite red at the moment is MAC's Runaway Red, but you know, it changes, haha.

  4. Oh it looks fabulous on you! I love it!

  5. Its such a gorgeous red on you and compared to the other swatches, it is definitely the most true red of all of them. I haven't had very good luck with liquid lipsticks in the past...they seem to sit in the lines on my lips and make them look dry. Does that every happen to you?

  6. Click.

    Damn I look fine.


  7. Thanks Ki! I was reading your budgeting post though and now I'm thinking maybe I don't really need more Chanel. Hopefully I can fight the temptation :D

    Giggle Girlie Gang: Thanks! It's definitely the most fabulous red I own :)

    I hear you Larie! NARS Heatwave was my must have red but now that's changed because I'm always on the hunt for the perfect red!

    Thanks Cami! I think it'd look gorgeous on you too because you pull off reds so well :)

    voodoogirl: It is! You really have to see it in person though to appreciate how lovely it is!

    Alicia: I do have that problem with liquid lipstick sometimes but not with this one. It doesn't dry my lips at all and I haven't noticed it settling into my lines. I think you should try it out because it's different to any liquid lipstick I've tried before. xx

    pink_souffle: LOL! That's exactly what I was doing ;) See you soon! xx

  8. Ooh! ME WANT NOW!!!!... so I went to illamasqua on the weekend and got some foundation, powder and cream eye pallette thingy. Where do I buy it online again?
    Ooh and where do I get becca from?
    Just reminding you that you're not getting your Dior present unless you come and visit me in Sydney... that is all.

    Suga xx

  9. Well Suga, 2 can play at that game... let's just say that there might be a Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon waiting for you at my house so I think a swap might be in order... Lol I loved this so much I bought it for you and 2 of my other friends when I was o/seas. You'll totally love it! xx

  10. I always thought the photo in your banner was Dragon! It looks quite different though. What is it?

  11. Anna: It's actually a lipstick by Shu Uemura. It's shade RD165 which keeps getting called 'the universal red'. Meh, I don't agree, Dragon is so much better!

  12. By far my favourite red, in matters of colour, consistency, wearability <3

    Just for the record of it, it costs a humble 37 euro in Greece (and Italy, and Spain, and Germany, and Cyprus), which is almost 51 USD, but meh, I'll round it down to 50.

    Has there in the meanwhile been any other shades of the Rouge Allure Laque assortment that you tried and loved?? I am dying to get a couple more, and while I know the best way to decide is to actually spend some time at the counter, I don't quite like the SAs and I think a bit of focused research online is in order ;)

  13. Nephele: It is utterly fabulous. All other reds should just give up ;)

    I haven't tried any of the other shades yet but I've been eyeing Phoenix for a while which is the bright pink shade.

    Uggh, I have so much trouble with Chanel SA's! There's one who is so nice but every other one I've dealt with has had a bit of an attitude problem. There's no need to be so serious when all you're selling is makeup!

  14. Quite frankly, I amazed by the fact that only a tiny amount of SAs know their sh*t, no matter how sky high end teh company they are working for is. I suppose they just don't care, most of them have absolutely no idea what it is they're selling. Dragon is just another red lipstick thing, Paradoxal just another polish, shade B10 is well pretty much the same as shade BR10, Soleil Tan is just a weird creamy paste they have no idea what it is good for.
    Don't get me wrong, I don't get makeup all too seriously, but the parameter I am judging is how little enthusiasm some ppl have about their jobs in the end, if it has absolutely nothing to do with who they are. And that has a cost on the client, aka us, sadly :)