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Monday, September 12, 2011

Back To Blogging

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posting. I didn't have access to the net for the last week of my trip and I've spent the last week that I've been back getting back into the swing of things but now I'm ready to get back into it.

So I know it's normal for a beauty blogger to come back from holiday with a big makeup haul but technically I didn't haul at all. I say technically because this is all the makeup I bought during the time that I was on holiday...

...except I didn't buy most of this overseas and instead bought it during numerous hours of online shopping. I wasn't able to go shopping for makeup while I was in Sri Lanka or even shopping in general so I spent quite a bit of time online.

It worked out quite well because I came back to lots of lovely unopened packages full of makeup goodies. I haven't had a chance to swatch everything yet but I was enough of a good beauty blogger to photograph everything before I used it.

So far I'm loving everything I bought which include the Naked Palette, 2 Wet'n'Wild palettes, the infamous Dior Iridescent Leather quint, the Sleek Storm palette and a few Chanel and Dior lippies. I'm still deciding whether to swatch/review the palettes I bought since they've been reviewed to death but I'll probably at least do a few EOTD's/FOTD's.

On a slightly unrelated note, I decided to put my Naked palette in my travel makeup bag when I stayed at my friends place over the weekend and managed to smash the mirror. :| I hate when that happens!

I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging including fixing up my layout which has gone haywire for some reason. One of the many reasons Blogger frustrates me!

Done any good hauling lately?


  1. Yayy!!! Welcome back!!! :)

    Your haul looks gorgeous! I can't wait for the swatches :) Sorry about your mirror! I've never had that happen to me, but the Naked Palette is made of cardboard, isn't it?

  2. Nice haul :) It's fun to shop online too :) Too bad about the Naked palette. But better that the mirror got broken than the eye shadows! Maybe you could depot it. UDs pans are magnetic so you could easily snap them on a Z-palette or other palettes with magnet sheet.

    I recently bought some MAC-shadows Humid and Juxt (my first - more to come!) and a ghd IV Styler!

  3. Whee another Naked Palette convert! Enjoy it, even with the smashed mirror!!

  4. Thanks Aseya! And welcome back to you too :) Your holiday pics and hauls looked awesome! It is made of cardboard I think but it's really sturdy cardboard. Not sure how it happened since I had it all insulated :(

    I agree Jade. It's infinitely worse when the shadows get broken. The palette itself is fine for the most part so I think I'll leave it be for now and then consider depotting if it gets a lot worse. ps: great haul!

    I know Kayleigh, I've finally joined the Naked palette team. It is quite a lovely palette but still deciding whether it was worth all the hype :)

  5. Love the bright polish! Too bad about the mirror on the palette, hope it stays away from the shadows themselves

  6. Thanks Emma! I'm loving neons at the moment. I just bought a neon blue and pink too so can't wait to wear them out. As for the palette, If the mirror gets too bad I'll just have to take it out :(

  7. Welcome back :) I'd love to see what you do with the W'n'W shadows because your EOTD's are always fab. I did a bit of hauling myself at the Natio outlet recently and picked up some gorgeous sparkle shadows for only a few $$.

  8. Glad your back!! Nice haul :) The Naked palette is awesome hey, too bad about the mirror :(

  9. Thanks Vita! I've been playing around with the W'n'W products and I'm quite impressed. They seem well worth the hype so far. Eotd's coming soon. I haven't checked out the Natio stuff yet but I may need to go have a look :)

    Thanks so much Hannah! Totally shattered about the mirror but life goes on ;)

  10. Nice Haul!!Looking forward to swatches...ohh sad about naked mirror but on a positive side eye shadows are safe:)

  11. giggle girlie gang: Thanks :) Swatches to come soon!