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Saturday, August 20, 2011

RIP to a Fallen Makeup Hero

Dramatic title? Perhaps but this product deserves it and more after being such a reliable tool this past year and a half. I'm talking about the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki whose praises I've sung on many occasions (check out my initial review here and a comparison with the Sigma F82 here).

It is the best brush/applicator I have ever tried or owned for foundation application but unfortunately this amazing brush that once used to look like this...

Now looks like this...

It's not even a flat top anymore, it's an angled brush! I fully admit that its unfortunate state is due to my bad handling because I used and abused this brush so much and I was never careful when I washed it so the end result is a brush that is literally falling apart.

I only ever treat my synthetic face brushes like this since it's so hard to get emollient products out of synthetic hairs but I promise to change my ways. Hopefully this is a lesson for all of you who treat your brushes in the same way so that you don't end up with the same result.

I fully plan on repurchasing this brush and even plan on getting a backup but losing my Holy Grail brush got me wondering, what's your Holy Grail brush? Let me know below :)


  1. wow. i don't want that happening to mine, lol. i'm gonna take care of mine. spot clean and deep clean. may not be as often but i hope mine doesn't look like that in the long run.. glad that ur gonna repurchase though :)

  2. Oh goodness, that's horrible! lol! At least now you know. ;)

  3. You should try dipping your your synthetic brushes in alcohol to clean them. Wayne Goss (a makeup artist on youtube) says that he does it with all of his brushes & I started doing it with syns (I'm too chicken to try it on my naturals). It works very well to remove emollient products.

  4. Arianne: Lol I don't think anyone wants their brush to look like this! This brush never looks 100% clean though and that's why I keep scrubbing a way at it but no more :)

    Tanisa: Lol I probably already knew but just hoped for the best but at least now I know better :)

    Nikki: I actually do that as well with my synthetic brushes but I think this damage is due to me washing the brush too hard. I've done it on my natural hair brushes in a pinch but you're right, I don't think it's the best thing.

  5. I literally went "yikes!!" at the second photo, hahahah

  6. Lol Y, I think that about sums up my reaction too ;)

  7. OMG that's a crazy looking brush. It doesn't matter how much abuse we give our brushes, if it's great in quality, it should be able to last.

    I actually have this but I haven't tried it yet.

  8. Becky: It's actually a really great brush and always gives a flawless finish but it just can't take as much abuse as I give it :D