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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach

From the numerous posts that I have read on many beauty blogs, it seems that things that make beauty bloggers go crazy are taupe eyeshadows, peach lipsticks and coral blushes. I can tick off 2 of those 3 items but peach lipsticks have never done it for me.

I thought that with spring fast approaching, I'd give peach another go so I picked up Revlon's Colorburst lipstick in Peach and I have to say that I may yet be converted to the peach loving majority.

The packaging for the Colorburst line is stunning and is very high-endesque and I absolutely adore the quilted pattern!

The shade is a sheer orange with a tinge of pink through it and it's almost slightly frosty.

I tried to do a comparison with similar shades from my collection but my lack of love for peach means that I could only find 2 that were sort of close. Swatched below is Revlon Peach Colorburst lipstick on the left, NYX Heredes Round lipstick in the middle and NYX Soft Matte lipcream in Antwerp on the right. I think MAC See Sheer would also be in the same colour family but a friend of mine has it so I couldn't do a comparison swatch.

My lips are quite pigmented so this shade shows up as a very natural shade that leans slightly orange but I do need to build it up to get it to the shade you see below.

I love the formulation as it's quite moisturising but you do need to make sure that your lips are exfoilated as the slightly frosty sheen means that it picks up on any imperfections. This isn't a long lasting lipstick and as it's quite sheer, I use it more like a tinted lipbalm than anything else .

I've been wearing it paired with coppery eyes (MAC Amber Lights eyeshadow) and orange cheeks (NARS Taj Mahal) and I really like the effect as it's sunkissed without needing to go out in the sun. It also works well to balance out a smokey or bold eye on my warmer skin tone.

I've been eyeing a few other shades from this line and I also want to try out Soft Nude as I know it tops quite a few 'perfect nude' lists.

Have you tried any of the Colorburst lipsticks? Is there a shade you recommend? Leave me a comment below!


  1. i think the nyx one would suit my complexion best, but these are great....look so nourishing and moisturizing!

    looks good on you...i'm not so into sheer lippies for me


  2. I really like these lipsticks... i have one in the color coral! i've alsoswatched the peach shade ...i don't know why i didn't buy it. love taj mahal too !

  3. You're so pretty! The formulas of the colorburst lipsticks are amazing, and this colour's so gorgeous :D

  4. You look very lovely. I haven't personally tried any of the Colorburst lipsticks though I keep hearing positive things about them.

    Also, I LOL'd because I really am a sucker for taupe eyeshadows, coral blushes, and peach lipsticks... but my lips are so pigmented that the peach has never transferred well.

    Great post.