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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Notice anything different?...

Probably not but that's ok.

This is just a head's up that this blog has now officially moved to a dotcom.

I had plans of moving my blog to wordpress and purchased a domain but then realised that for the amount of customisation I wanted, I had to pay more money which I didn't want to do at this stage.

I was hoping to use that domain to direct my blogger blog to instead but that would be too easy so I have now purchased another domain.

This blog is now at with my wordpress domain, reserved for a possible future move should I ever become web literate enough to turn the site into what I want.

I'll probably still be moving things around here and there and possibly add new features in the near future so stay tuned.

If you have any post suggestions, blog improvements or would like to submit a guest post then please click the 'Post Ideas/Suggestions' tab above and leave me a comment.


  1. I'm new here, and I like the look of things as they are, but congrats! Yay! :)

  2. Thanks Y! I like the blog so far but I get bored after a while and feel like I need to change things up.

    Thanks Ki :) Your FB comment the other day got me thinking that I need to get my act together and make the move.

  3. congrats on the domain name! :) i've always liked the name of your blog, Bug is actually my dad's nickname for me since I was a little kid! :)

  4. Thanks Kayliegh. It's my nickname too. I'm actually surprised at how many people have the nickname bug :)