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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Always a Lady

As some of you are aware, I'm currently in Sri Lanka to see my grandma who has been unwell. She is 95 years old and is nearly completely deaf and blind and can't remember anything from the last few years but she still surprises me with her vanity!

She used to be the kind of lady who wouldn't let you take her picture unless she was dressed nicely and had her hair done. She was also the kind of lady who thought it was not proper for a girl to walk around without earrings and bracelets on. Even now, despite her not knowing what's going on around her, she will constantly touch her wrists and her ears to make sure that her jewellery is in place. 

Yesterday I leaned over her to give her a hug and she felt that I had my big hoop earrings on and, before I knew what had happened, she managed to pull them off and had them around her wrists! She was so excited to find new 'bangles' to wear and it was so heartwarming to see the look of pure joy on her face.

Moments like this and others such as when I see her patting her hair to make sure I've tied it properly or watching her arranging her clothes to make sure she's decent makes me realise that, even though our minds may fail us and our bodies let us down, a lady is always a lady till the very end.


  1. Aww :) she reminds me of my great grandmother who used to handwash her saris till she was 90, just so that no one would ruin them! I hope your grandmother feels better soon :)

    Also, I did not know you were Sri Lankan! That makes us neighbours!

  2. Such a sweet post :) :) This made my heart feel warm.

  3. Thanks Ki, I think she's some what better now but I think she's just suffering from old age.

    Lol we are neighbours but only when I'm not in Australia and you're not in France ;)

    Thanks Kayleigh :) xx

  4. I have such a soft spot for grandparents!!! This breaks my heart, I recently lost the grandfather who raised me and I loved him so. I'm so glad to see you loving your grandmama like this, to me it means that you are a very kind person.

  5. Y: I'm so sorry to hear that. My grandma's the last surviving grandparent I have and I'm dreading the day I loose her. I never got to know any of my other ones so I never really had a chance to feel their loss but I know losing my grandma will be bad. The most I can do is cherish the few moments I get to have with her so that's what I've been doing. Thanks for your comment xx

  6. We can really learn a lot of our elders. It's so cool to see your grandma well and still vain :)

    By the way, you have a great blog. I will follow it.

  7. This is the most beautiful post I've read by you. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos and hear the stories soon.
    Love you lots Ahi. See you when you get home.

    Suga xx

  8. Thanks dude :) Hopefully get to see you down melbourne way soon xx

  9. Becky: Thanks for the comment and thanks for following. It's always great when bloggers whose blogs I love decide to follow :)

  10. awww, what a sweet post.. nearly made my cry! gotta love our nana's :) xxx

  11. your grandma looks lovely! She looks like my grandma from Trinidad! The elderly are pearls of wisdom and she such a sweet soul.. may God grant her health,happiness and strength..

  12. Such a beautiful post :)