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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Hello...

Hello all :)

I thought I'd just touch base since I feel like I've been gone from the blogosphere for a longer than I intended.

I was in the process of moving my blog over to wordpress to correspond with my change to a dot com but I've been having a few issues so I'm sticking with Blogger for a while longer.

In the mean time, I've been coming up with some EOTD's but I managed to snap my SD card a little while ago and wasn't able to take pictures for a while.

I've finally gotten my act together and purchased (well let's say I repurposed a card from someone else's camera...) and now I'm ready to go.

My goal is to have a few posts up this weekend so stay tuned.

On another note, is it just me or does blogging seem easier in the spring/summer months? I feel like the dreary Melbourne winter is bringing down my mood and my drive to experiment with makeup...


  1. totes agree that blogging is easier in the warmer months - it's especially better for outfit posts! can't wait to see your posts again, been missing you my bugaboos

  2. Your blog looks so pretty, nice and fresh! Sorry your having problems :( I know what you mean about blogging in winter, the worst is trying to take photos with these clouds and rainy weather! haha

  3. Hey fellow Aussie! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I'm glad you enjoyed my posts! I'm def trying to blog a bit more frequently - knowing someone actually reads them is an encouragement lol! Love your blog too! Nice to read Aussie blogs. Camilla x

  4. I find more things to blog about in the Summer because that's when I go out more often with friends (they're all college students) and I tend to haul a bit too... but it's so hot to wear much makeup that in the Fall is when I actually use it more.

  5. I was thinking about moving to wordpress as well! But I'm just going to stick with blogger as well. Hope to see ya back soon!

  6. achowchow: Thanks dude! So jealous that you're having fun in Europe but I hope you're having a blast! Can't wait till you get back :)

    Hannah: Thanks :) I think I was just having a bit of blogger's block but I'm back now regardless of the weather!

    Camilla: You're welcome :) I love your writing and can't wait to see more posts!

    JC: That's so true! Summer/Spring collections are so much prettier but fall is definitely more makeup friendly weather :)

    SahilyAnais MUA: I'm still deciding on whether to do it or not but I don't know if I have the energy/time needed to make the move. Thanks for the comment :)