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Monday, June 6, 2011

Smokey Burgundy EOTD

I've been loving all the summer themed posts that have been popping up on alot of blogs but living in Australia means that I have to wait a while for summer to show its face. Seeing as I haven't seen much winter EOTD's lately, I thought I'd try one for myself.

Winter is usually about the greys and blues but I'm still stuck in Autumn mode so that means I've been loving all my burgundy's, plums and rusty oranges. I haven't really given my MAC Antiqued or Cranberry eyeshadows any love of late so I thought I'd throw them into a look. The look came out very smokey and dramatic so I'd personally reserve it for a night look.

Here are swatches of the products I used: (From left to right) MAC All that Glitters, Antiqued, Cranberry, Sketch and Embark eyeshadows and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on liner in Corrupt

Here's how I got the look:
I started off by priming my eyes as usual with Urban Decay Primer Potion also bringing it on to my bottom lashline
I then patted MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot all over my eye from lashline to brow bone
I patted MAC Antiqued eyeshadow on the inner half of the lid
I patted MAC Cranberry eyeshadow on the outer half of the lid and blended the point where the two shadows meet
I took MAC Sketch eyeshadow on a belnding brush and worked it in to the crease and outer v
I then darkened the crease and outer v with MAC Embark eyeshadow and also worked it into my bottom lashline
I blended out the crease using MAC Soft Brown eyeshadow
I took some MAC All that Glitters eyeshadow on a pencil brush and worked it around my inner corner
I lined my top lashline with NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Black
I lined my waterline with Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in Corrupt
I coated my lashes in Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara


  1. You should totally do live tutorials on youtube because this is a beautiful look.

  2. That's pretty!!! :) I don't see a lot of red shades so I like this :D

  3. Oo, I love how subtle yet sexy this looks!
    I might try replicating it :)

  4. oh wow, that is breathtaking! good job, it's so very sultry. i love this


  5. Wooow, looks so beautiful! Very nice colors! (:

  6. The liquid liner looks very clean. Does the NYX wear well?

  7. another great eye look! maybe you could take a full face pic because i would love to see the rest of your makeup!

  8. Totally love that combination of colours! I wonder if it works on pale skin???

  9. downtownchicagobarbie: That's so sweet but I think I'm one of those people that's more of a writer than a speaker :D I also don't think I'm ready for all the hate that seems to be a part of being a youtuber


    Arianne: Thanks so much. I'm just shattered my pictures didn't come out better. The look was much nicer in person :(

    Shrutilaya: EOTD if you do please! or any EOTD in general :)

    Thanks Vonnie! You always leave me such lovely comments :)

    Thanks Natalie!

    Vita: This liquid liner is actually really great! It lasts and is really black and the consistency isn't too watery like some liners.

    NYX makes two different liquid liners in a bottle so make sure you get the studio liner and not the other one because the other one isn't very good.

    Alma: I'm working my way up to doing full face pics. So far I'm liking being anonymous but I think that'll change soon :)

    Thanks anster! I think we can always try it on you! Next time we catch up maybe? :D

  10. Very pretty look! I love EOTD posts.

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