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Sunday, May 15, 2011

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams: Part 1

Before I start my post I just wanted to clear something up. Some of you may know that Blogger was playing up over the last few days so posts and comments were disappearing and the dashboard function was inaccessible (at least for me). This means that unfortunately I couldn't post when I wanted which was really frustrating but also that comments from my post on Wednesday were deleted. These comments have apparently all been recovered but I think some have been deleted and my replies to those comments have also been deleted. I just wanted to say sorry to those who left me a comment and can't find it anymore . I did manage to read them all (I think)and I appreciate your taking the time to leave me a comment.

Ok, on to the post! As you can tell from the title, today's post is about NYX's Soft Matte Lip Creams. This product is in between a lip stain and liquid lipstick and is matte as the name suggests. The product it reminds me of the most is NARS lipstain gloss except I find the NYX version much more comfortable to wear, it's more matte than the NARS version and I think they also have a much better colour selection.

There are 11 shades available and I had a bit of a psychic moment when I just knew I would love these so I decided to purchase 8 of the available shades. I purchased mine from for $6 US each. I decided to pass on the shade Tokyo which was a very light milky pink and I also passed on the 2 red shades although I may go back and purchase these two later.

They come in a tube which looks to be the same size as a standard MAC lipgloss. The lid on these has a lovely NARS-esque matte finish which makes them really comfortable to use. The applicator is a doe foot which is cut at an angle and is actually pretty good at applying the product to the lips.

This product is buildable in coverage so you can apply a bit for a sheerer more stained look or build it up for a more opaque lipstick like finish. The product goes on really smooth and my lips feel great while I'm wearing it. These are still a matte product though and so they pick up on any dryness so I always exfoliate and put on some lip balm before wearing these. The finish on these is lovely because they really do finish into a 'soft' matte so your lips don't look parched which can happen with more unforgiving matte lip products.

Each of the shades has a number as well as a name which corresponds to various cities around the world. The colours I'm posting about in part 1 of the 2 posts are #02 Stockholm, #4 London, #5 Antwerp and #9 Abu Dhabi.

Left to right: #02 Stockholm, #4 London, #5 Antwerp and #9 Abu Dhabi

Here are some lip swatches as well. First up is a picture of my lips minus any coloured product.

This is #2 Stockholm on my lips. This colour is a peachy nude and I think it would look great with a smokey eye. I actually really like this colour and find it easy to wear because it isn't so pale that it makes me look like I'm wearing concealer on my lips plus it has a good balance of peach, pink and brown.

The next shade is #4 London. This shade is similar to Stockholm except it has more brown to it. If I were to pick between this colour and Stockholm, I would definitely pick this one because I think it's a more flattering nude with my skin tone.

This next colour is #5 Antwerp and it's quite a bright coral-pink. This shade isn't my favourite but that's probably because it's definitely a Spring/Summer shade and Australia's in Autum/Winter mode. I think I'll give this colour more love once the sun comes out again.

The last shade is #9 Abu Dhabi and it's a darker version of London. This colour is a perfect neutral versus nude shade. I think it's probably my favourite out of the bunch since it's so easy to wear and looks as good with a smokey eye as it does with a really neutral look.

Have any of you tried these yet? What do you think of them?

Stay tuned for part 2!


  1. I wanted to get Abu Dhabi just cuz it's our capital hehe but it actually looks really pretty. i don't think I've seen these in our stores yet though, but I haven't really been shopping in a while. How is the wear on these? Do you have to reapply them a lot?

  2. Abu Dhabi is such a pretty colour so get it! I haven't seen these in store in Oz yet either but I always buy my NYX stuff online anyway.

  3. these look great, i'm going to have to try them out.

  4. Definitely check them out because they're awesome!

  5. thanks! I want stockholm and antwerp!