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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

EOTD Challenge: Crazy Cat Lady

Today's FOTD challenge for Sara-May's 'May 2011 FOTD challenge' is Crazy Cat Lady and with a theme like that, you know I had to give it a shot! I'm going to start of by letting you know that I suck at drawing leopard prints whether it's on the face, nails or paper so hopefully you can still tell what I was trying to do!

When I first saw 'Crazy Cat Lady' all I could think of was the Simpson's character but then I gave it more thought and I decided the look should be something fierce, extreme and a bit sultry. Hopefully that came across :D

I'm not going to list everything I used but the main things were:
MAC Cashflow Paint Pot as a base all over the eye
A bronze shadow all over the lid
A black shadow in the crease
MAC Blonde's Gold pigment from crease to browbone
NYX Studio liquid liner in black for the leopard prints and the liner around the eyes
Rimmel Soft Kohl Liner in black on the waterline and bottom lashline
I also used a metallic orange shadow from the Coastal Scents Mirage palette in the centre of the leopard prints.

Here's the same look minus the leopard print:

And here it is without the liquid liner pointed around the tear duct:


  1. WHOA! That is amazing!!! :D you are SO creative!

  2. rrrRRRrraawww looooove the looky!!!

    I especially love the little flick that you do with the liquid liner! teach!

  3. Dude!! That's some serious skillz!! :D I love it <3

  4. Oh wow, great look! I love how you've done the leopard print. Your EOTDs are the best. I can just imagine this look with a bronzed face, sculpted cheeks and very minimal lip product. Keep up the great work!

  5. great job babe, looks almost identical to my attempt at leopard print too, so cant be bad ;)


  6. Oh wow, this is gorgeous! I'm not a animal skin lover but this design is so beautiful! ^^


  7. Amazing!! You can totally draw leopard spots...what are you talking about? lol.

  8. Love the liner and the leopard detailing!!

  9. Thanks Ki! I can't take the credit for the creativity, I was chanelling Beyonce from one of her music videos :)

    Achowchow: Thanks dude! I'll teach you but honestly all it takes is practice and a steady hand!

    Thanks Lilit! I'd definitely stick with bronzed skin, sculpted cheeks and nude lips as well! Not that i'd acutally wear the spots out though :D

    Esteeem: I went and checked out your look and it looks awesome! I see you were chanelling Beyonce as well :D

    Pearl: Thanks so much :)

    Fruh: Thank you!

    Alicia: Lol I've been told that my attempts at leopard print end up looking 'diseased' so I've got a bit of a complex about it now :D

    Ailah: Thank you so much :D

  10. This looks incredible! It's so intricate and detailed, you must have so much patience to create this!!

  11. Another gorgeous look from you!

  12. Omg that leopard print is too cool. Wow have never seen anything like that. U are very talented!!

  13. i love this, i would like to see a full face shot of this to see what it looks like from further away if you have one?

    shel xx

  14. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys! Unfortunately my original replies to all of you were deleted when blogger went haywire a few days ago!

    But I just wanted to say again quickly-

    Ki: The look was based of a Beyonce music video so I can't take credit for creativity :)

    Achowchow: I can definitely show you how to do the liner flick but all it takes is practice!

    Celina: Thanks so much! I really appreciate it :)

    Esteeem: Loved your version of the Beyonce look!

    Shel: I'm so sorry but I only took eye shots of this look since I didn't actually do both eyes since I didn't wear it out!

  15. Haha I thought of the Simpsons character too!

    how amazing at eye makeup are you!

  16. Thanks Jen :D Lol I'm trying to break myself out of the habit of linking everything to the Simpsons!