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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beauty on a Budget: Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette

I purchased 3 of the Coastal Scents palettes a month ago and I've been holding off on posting on them because I wanted to get a feel for how they perform first so that my reviews are accurate. The first palette I'm reviewing/swatching is the original 88 palette which is a mixture of matte and satin finish eyeshadows.

This type of palette is available from many sites and also on ebay but I purchased from the Coastal Scents website for $18.95. The shipping was quite pricey and I paid $31.74 for express shipping to Australia for an order that was $73.02 and which included 3 palettes and a few other little odds and ends. The package did arrive really quickly (about 5 days) and it was very well packaged.

It comes in a black plastic case that attracts fingerprints like no tomorrow!

There's a mirror attached to the inside cover of the palette and there are two double-sided sponge tip applicators included.

The colours range from an off-white all the way through to a true black.

The thing that surprised me about this palette is just how small the shadows are! I thought each shadow was the size of a standard MAC eyeshadow pan but it's less than half the size of one.

Here's a comparison between MAC Electra eyeshadow on the left and a silver from the Coastal Scents palette on the right:

And for all you Aussies, here's a comparison with a 5 cent coin so you can see how tiny it is:

You might be thinking at this stage that the eyeshadow pans are removeable since I seem to have pulled one out but they're not. This just happened to happen to mine:

The eyeshadow pans don't seem to be glued in to the palette using the strongest adhesive so after I dropped this palette once on to my carpet (from a not very high distance), this shadow just happened to pop out. It's easily fixable but I haven't glued it back in just yet because I wanted to take pictures for you all.

This also happened to my palette:

If you can't tell, that's the opening of the palette and it was a bit stiff so when I finally managed to get it open, a part of the clasp just fell off. I will say that the two other palettes I purchased have a different, sturdier clasp so maybe this is a design flaw that has been recognised and is being fixed.

Here are the swatches. I swatched them column by column (vertically from the top left hand shadow) and all of the eyeshadows are swatched over a primer. I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the reason I didn't swatch these without a primer is because the pigmentation isn't fantastic when you don't use a primer so a primer is a must. I should also say that I was cleaning my brush in between colours so my brush was a bit damp which could also have affected pigmentation.












With a primer these shadows are fantastic but without a primer the mattes tend to be a bit chalky and the lighter coloured satin finish shadows are a bit sheer. The darker shades, matte or satin finish are quite pigmented even without a primer.

The colour selection is fantastic and this is a great beginner palette. It would be much better if there was a true pigmented white shadow and if they got rid of some of the shadows from the first column as they're quite chalky and useless.

The shadow pans are small but I won't be getting through any of these any time soon. I have a lot of eye shadows but I still think this was a good addition to my collection. There are colours in here that I don't have and which will come in handy for certain looks but which I don't need full size versions of such as a lot of the brighter shades.

Here's a look I came up with to show you all how these shadows work together. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base and then used some NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk over that.

I circled the colours I used in red so just click the picture to view bigger.

These shadows are best used when patted on so the intensity is maintained. I find that these colours blend ok together but not as well as my higher end shadows such as MAC, Inglot, Sugarpill etc. When I need to blend these shades together I tend to use a patting motion over the edges where colours meet rather than a true blending technique.

All in all, this palette is great and I'm glad I actually swatched all the colours since alot of these shades look different swatched than in the pan. I definitely recommend purchasing this palette whether it's from the Coastal Scents site or from Ebay.

Do any of you have this palette? How do you feel about it?

UPDATE 1/06/2011

I just wanted to clarify that I highly recommend this for purchase for beginners who don't have many eye shadow's and are trying to build their collection. To those who have alot of eye-shadows, I think this is a good palette if you need brighter shades but if neutrals are your thing then look elsewhere because I don't think the neutral selection is the greatest.

Also apparently these palettes are cheaper on Ebay than Coastal Scents so save yourself the shipping and check out Ebay.


  1. WHOA I love the lower lashline! :D your looks as always so innovative!

    I have a 88 warm palette... but I don't reach for it much since I have colours with better pigmentation in my stash!

  2. I've held off on these because there are so many no-name brand palettes like these over here. I couldn't find anything saying that the quality of these are much better than the ones over here (which are mainly made in China, I think) and it just seemed like a lot for that. I might get one of the smaller palettes though.

  3. I dont have the coastal scents but I do have a few from BH cosmetics which Im pretty sure exactly the same. I have 2 of the 120 palettes, a 28 neutrals, a 10 pan blush. I think they are great for the price and come in very handy when on a job if u might need a random colour that u wouldnt otherwise have in ur kit. I use them exactly like you, with a primer and nyx milk jumbo pencil. I think the bright colours are way more pigment and nicer than the neutrals. The 28 palette isnt the best. great post thanks for the swatches xxx

  4. Thanks for the review. :) I've read/heard so much about these 88 palettes, but I've yet to give them a try, simply because I like collecting smaller palettes. But they do look really appealing, and you do get your money's worth, though this is the first time I've seen them compared to a 5 cent coin, and holy, they're tiny.

  5. Wooow, nice Make-Up with the palette! Love it! (:
    Long time ago I purchased a 96-Palette and a 120-Palette from eBay and I love them! I really like the high range of colors ♥

  6. I got this palette a couple years back when I first started really adding to my makeup collection.
    I've completely used up all the champagney neutral shades on the first column, and have hit pan on a ton more, esp the brighter shades.
    I still use this palette a lot, but mainly to blend out brighter colors from MAC or Ben Nye, or to fill in gaps of colors I don't have.
    I wouldn't repurchase it, but I definitely like it a lot! :)

  7. Ki: Thanks :) I think I've been using this lately because it's new and it's handy having all the colours in one palette but I definitely have more pigmented products in my stash. I don't think I'll be buying anymore palette's but I'm glad to have this one.

    Aseya: I doubt the quality of the Coastal Scents one is any better than the other palettes that look like this as they all seem to come from the same supplier. Let me know what you think of it if you do end up getting one of these palettes :)

    MsMadameMakeup: I was so disappointed with the 28 palette! The darker colours were pigmented for the most part but everything else seems pretty useless.

    :): They are tiny! I thought I'd been ripped off when it first arrived because I was expecting something bigger! I think you're better off buying from Ebay with these because apparently you can get them alot cheaper there which I wish i'd know prior to purchase!

    Natalie: Thanks :) I already feel overwhelmed by 88 colours so I don't what I'd do with a 120!

    Michelle: I think there would have been a chance of me hitting pan if I'd purchased this when i didn't have many eyeshadows in my collection but now there's just no way!

    I like that this palette acts as a good filler so I can find the right in between shade to blend two different colours together :)

  8. This is an AWESOME post besides the fact that it's really long but it's a review so it makes sense. Really helpful :)

    P.S. I love the look you created!

  9. Arianne: Lol, unfortunately writing succinct reviews has never been my forte! I'm worried of leaving anything out so I just include everything and assume people will just skip to what they need :)

  10. New follower :) Great post!! So informative and I love the use of the 5c coin ;) I am still umming and ahing about whether to get one of these palettes. I would love it for doing more fun brighter coloured looks like you talked about I suppose. I bought one of the 10 pan blush palettes off e-bay and I actually really like it, so maybe I will check these out.

    Hannah xox

  11. Thanks Hannah! Yeah I thought the 5c coin would help any Aussies who were expecting this to be bigger than it is :D

    I think it's a good way to break into brights if you're not ready to commit yet or if you don't do them often. Either way, for the price you usually can't go wrong!