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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beauty on a Budget: BYS Champagne Rain and Flamingo Pink Lipsticks

BYS is an Aussie brand that is very comparable to NYX as it specialises in low cost products with a large range of colours. I've seen this brand around alot and I've even purchased from them before but my purchases in the past have been because I couldn't buy the colour I wanted in a different brand or because what I was buying was a one time use product that I didn't want to splurge on. Case in point, when I needed a black lipstick for Halloween last year I went and picked one up from BYS instead of going to MAC or elsewhere.

My buying pattern with this brand changed because I read some recent posts by Lilit from Makeup and Macaroons. She had posted about BYS Flamingo Pink lipstick and Champagne Rain lipstick and they looked great on her so I decided to actually go out and look for these colours. I picked both of them up for about $4 AUD each.

The price is fantastic but my main gripe with this product is that it just looks and feels like a cheap lipstick! NYX sells their round lipsticks for about the same price but they don't feel as cheap as these ones. The lipstick bullet is black but the lid is a clear plastic that feels quite breakable.

Apart from the packaging though, my concerns with this lipstick formula are minimal because they go on quite opaque and are very creamy. Creamy doesn't mean moisturising though so I always use a lip balm underneath. The wear time on these isn't very long but it's not meant to be so just make sure you take your lipstick with you when you go out so you can reapply.

I do have issues with the colours themselves though because they're quite unflattering on me. Here's the swatches of both colours. Flamingo Pink is on the left and Champagne Rain is on the right:

Flamingo Pink is a very bright lilac and Champagne Rain is a very pink nude. I'm also including lip swatches of both. Here's my bare lips for comparison:

The first swatch is of Champagne Rain which is a very milky pink colour on me and gives the dreaded 'concealer lips' look.

I can't make this colour work on my skin tone without pairing it with something else so I always layer it over a different coloured lipliner.

Here it is worn on top of NYX Toast lipliner which is a dark brown. The resulting colour is a much more wearable nude for my skin tone.

I also tried it over Rimmel 1000 kisses lipliner in Coffee Bean which is a Burgundy colour and it gives a nice neutral 'my lips but better' lip colour.

This is how Flamingo Pink lipstick looks like on me:

It looks really unflattering on me on its own because it's just too light so I also use this on top of a different coloured lipliner. Here I used it on top of NYX Fuschia lipliner so that the lipstick looks a bit darker:

Here I used it on top of NYX Plush Red lipliner so that the lipstick took on more of a pink rather than purple tone:

Obviously these colours weren't the best choice for me but I can still make them work and for $4 each I'm not going to complain! I did see some colours that looked more wearable for my skin tone so I'm definitely going to be checking them out.

If you're interested in checking these out you can go to the BYS website to see where they're stocked.


  1. Ooh I love how you used a red lipliner under the second lippie :D I should learn how to use whatever I have and doesn't suit me like this... I usually give unflattering colours away or just dump them to the back of a drawer :P

  2. Hi hun, thanks so much for the mention. What a shame they're not right for you on their own, but you've made them look really wearable. I especially like the Pink Flamingo over the fuschia lipliner combo.
    And totally agree about the cheap packaging, BYS needs to get their act together and make it looks half decent.


  3. Wow, you did a good job making the lipsticks work. :) I checked out their website, it seems like they have a huge variety O__O Thanks for the review :)

  4. hi, friend! i awarded you the stylish blogger award! check back to my blog to continue with the fun! :)

  5. Ki: Having a whole bunch of different coloured lipliners is the easiset way I've found to alter lipsticks that look a bit odd on their own. I'm trying to use what I own as well and find ways to wear stuff that I've contemplated throwing out!

    Lilit: All good :) I should have known that they weren't going to look the same on me but they're good to play around with. I really hope they change their packaging because it's definitely holding them back!

    :): They do have such a massive range! I didn't even realise they made so many products!

    rach: thanks so much :D I'll be posting up the award soon. xx