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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Promspiration: Purples and Pinks

This is another prom makeup idea post but I'm doing something a little different today. I used the 88 original palette to do this look so instead of doing my normal 'what I used' section, I've highlighted on this picture below all the colours I used and where I used them. I figured it was easier than me trying to describe the colours or doing a 'row 2, column 5 type thing'. Anyway, here are the colours I used (click to view bigger):

This look frustrated me alot because it took me a few tries to get it somewhat decent and I'm still not really happy with how it came out. The first time I tried it I decided to add some Shu Uemura lashes but these lashes have a really thick band and I just didn't have much luck putting them on so the end result was this:

I decided to take the lashes off but that ended up stripping some of the colour off near the lashline:

I then decided to add definition and colour back there by using the colours mentioned above but it didn't look very good:

So I just went for the liquid liner which is my normal fail safe when I can't get the whole smudgy, soft 'eyeshadow as liner' thing to work:

I realised after I took the pictures that my liner was a bit stuffed near the tear duct but my camera battery died so I gave up on trying to fix it! Lol here's the final look:

I wasn't planning on showing you all of the failed attempts but I decided to in the end to show that you can always rescue a look so there's no need to panic if something like this happens when you're getting ready for prom.

Trying to rescue this EOTD got me thinking about makeup disasters and so I have to ask, do you have a makeup disaster story you'd care to share ?


  1. Aww I love how you managed to make it look so soft and pretty! When I do my makeup and something goes wrong, I usually keep at it with the opposite results :P It gets worse and worse till I take it all off and sulk for a while!

  2. i love pink and purple eyeshadows.. i think ur eyes look so pretty and lovely.definitely something i'd wear for prom....

  3. how do you feel about these eyeshadows tho?? are they pigmented? blendable? nice??? :)

  4. Ki: Lol that happens to me when I try and do a traditional black smokey eye but otherwise I can usually salvage a look. When all else fails, I say just add false lashes and liquid liner because it tends to make pretty much any EOTD look nice :D

    ShazreeyanaShukri: Thanks so much :) I was always think of pinks and purples when I think of prom because they all tend to be in spring.

    simplysuperficial: Well I'm holding off on my proper review until I can actually play with all the shades but so far I'm not very impressed.

    I found that the matte colours tend to be chalky and hard to blend but then some of the darker more satin finish shades are super pigmented and easy to blend.

    I definitely had to use a primer and preferrably something a little bit creamy or the shadows don't stick that well.

    I'll definitely be posting reviews and swatches though and then you can make up your own mind :)

  5. i actually really like this look so wearable :)

    shel xx

  6. Shel: Thank you :) I think the frustration over the look has made me very negative about it lol. It's definitely very wearable though and perfect for Spring.