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Monday, April 11, 2011

FunnyFace Beauty's Dare to Wear Charity Challenge EOTD

As some of you may know, Alicia from FunnyFace Beauty is running a charity Dare to Wear challenge for the flood victims of Japan. To be part of this challenge, all you need to do is come up with a makeup look inspired by Japanese culture and either email the photos to her or post them on your blog and send Alicia a link. For every look that's submitted, Alicia and her family will be donating $10 to the Canadian Red Cross's appeal for the Japanese flood victims.

I don't have to tell you that this is such a great thing that she's doing and it's so easy to get involved. From what I read on her blog, I think the deadline of sorts is April the 11th which is today. I'm really late putting mine up because it completely slipped my mind until I saw someone else's look posted so I rushed to get a look done.

The hardest thing about this challenge is picking just one look because the Japanese culture is full of so many amazing sub cultures. I initially wanted to do a modern geisha type look but then I thought I'd try something similar to the looks below.

I'm not too sure what this style is called (please leave me a comment below if you do) but it seems to focussed on getting a really doll type look. This means that the eyes are made to look really big and the cheeks are very pink as are the lips. I don't do full FOTD's as you're probably aware so all I tried doing was the exaggerated eye shape.

I used my liquid liner to draw a much thicker and more rounded line than I usually do on the top lashline and also extended it out. I also used the liner to draw in a bottom lashline. I used two sets of false lashes on the top lashline and then used a set of false lashes to make a dropped bottom lashline. I also used white liner on the waterline and in between the false bottom lashline and my real bottom lashline to give the illusion of a bigger eye.

It's hard to really see the effect without seeing the whole face so I've included a photo showing a comparison between the exaggerated eye look and my normal eye makeup:

This is obviously quite dramatic makeup which I wouldn't wear on a daily basis and would probably only reserve for dress up parties. This was so much fun to do though! I just wish I had some coloured contacts so I could complete the look.

Thanks to Alicia for this great challenge. What her and her family are doing is so amazing! If you have time, then definitely post up or email a look of your own.


  1. aww!! So awesome! I think today's the last day. I'm super late for this one, I'm off to buy some false lashes right now actually! hehe

  2. I think it's called the 'Gyaru'/'Hime gyaru' look. Your take looks really great! :)

  3. This looks awesome. I love how you've made the eyes look bigger using the white liner. You are so talented. Thanks for so for doing this and sharing it with your readers. I really appreciate it.

  4. Aseya: Thanks! I saw yours and it's so cute!

    Emily: Thank you :) Also thanks for the info! I was trying to search and find out what it was but there were do many different names!

    Alicia: Thanks so much! This was so much fun to do and I think I'll do another look now that you've extended the date. Thanks so much for what you're doing, it's truly awesome! xx

  5. It's one unique charity challenge. Cheers to you guys!