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Friday, April 29, 2011

Coastal Scents Mini haul

I decided to order from Coastal Scents the other day because everyone raves on about how great these palettes are. I picked up the Original 88 palette, the Mirage palette, the 28 Neutral palette, 10 5gm jars, 10 little scoops, a synthetic blender brush and a crease brush.

Mirage 88 palette:

Original 88 palette:

28 Neutral palette:

I will be posting reviews and swatches for all the palettes but I wanted to get a feel for them first and see how they perform and whether I'd recommend them. If you have any of these palettes, I'd love to hear your thoughts below and what you think the best way is to use them to get the best colour payoff.

I'll probably do a review on the brushes as well because I think I only paid like $2 or $3 for them so it would be awesome if they end up being a good alternative for those who can't afford higher end brushes.

For any Aussies out there, do you know where I can buy empty 5gm or slightly bigger sample jars in Australia? I thought that they were something that were easy to find but I have gone to so many stores and no one sells them! It's good to know that Coastal Scents sells them as a backup but I was hoping there were beauty supply stores that would stock these.


  1. This is where I get my jars from, but I guess that's as good or bad as Coastal Scents!

  2. I love coastal scents stuff but when I buy it I always have to pay a big customs charge sso I don't buy it anymore. I've got their concealer palette which is really good and one of their brushes! Loving the mirange palette! I'm really into browns now xx

  3. Okay I have to ask... do you really need that many colours?
    I guess that's a stupid question.
    Suga x

  4. Ki: Thanks for the link! Hopefully their shipping is better than coastal scents!

    Naomi: I was looking at the concealer palette but I read some not so great reviews on it. I might get it now that you say its good! Are you able to post a review or swatches by any chance?

    That sucks about customs :( I'm so glad I haven't been hit with any charges so far or I'd definitely have to give up my online shopping habit!

    Suga: Lol is it really ever a question of need when it comes to cosmetics?? I figured they were good backup palettes for those times when I want to creat a certain look but don't have the exact shade of something in my MAC palettes :D

  5. looking forward to seeing swatches for these, i a interested in getting them but not sure

    shel xx

  6. Shel: I'll definitely have swatches up soon. I've only really played around with the Original palette so far so I want to try them all properly before putting up my review.