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Saturday, February 12, 2011

MAC Lippies in See Sheer and Speed Dial

I love the whole Back 2 MAC system because it's the perfect way to 'buy' products when you just don't have any money to spend! I had enough empty packaging for 3 free lipsticks and since a girl can really only use so many, I took one of my lovely friends, Chrissy, along with me to MAC to see if she could find a lipstick love. When I asked for some recommendations, I got told to check out Angel and See Sheer. I ended up coming home with See Sheer but Angel was too light for my pigmented lips unfortunately. Chrissy loved Angel but they were sold out so she tried Speed Dial instead and it's gorgeous!

I usually only do swatches on my lips but since she was with me the whole day, I thought there'd be a fair few of you who would love to see the products on a less pigmented lip. First up is Speed Dial and it's a Cremesheen finish so it's really moisturising and creamy and feels lovely on the lips. It's quite a cool toned medium pink and I didn't like it on me. I would love a pink at this intensity that leaned more warm as I think it would be much more flattering on me...

But I absolutely adore this shade on Chrissy! She's somewhere between an NC20-30 and this pops against her skin tone and just brightens up her whole complexion. This is such a gorgeous Spring and Summer shade and it's so wearable. This is one of those colours I'd recommend to girls who wanted to start trying out brighter pinks but are too scared to get it into the serious brights.

The next colour is See Sheer and it's a Lustre finish. I usually don't like Lustre's as I find them too sheer and uneven but this goes on surprisingly opaque. It's a lovely coral shade and while I did like it, I think it's one of those shades I have to use a lipliner with or my lips just end up looking really undefined.

On Chrissy this shade is perfection and yet again it works so well with her complexion. Because her lips aren't as pigmented as mine, the brightness of the coral doesn't get muted and it shows up more true to what you see in the bullet. This is another one of those really wearble shades that's perfect for Spring or Summer and it's a perfect introduction into the world of red lipsticks.

Do you have either of these shades? How do you feel about them and what eye makeup do you pair them with? Also, do you find the swatches on two different skin tones more helpful? Leave a comment below!


  1. glad you liked See Sheer hun :)

  2. It's amazing how pigmented lips can change a lipstick! I love the mauve undertone in Speed Dial on you, but I love the pink lean on Chrissy too! A moistursing formula doesn't go astray either.

    I think See Sheer looks like something both of you can throw on and go with, even though it looks different on both of you.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Demps01: I do love a great moisturising formula. There's something about a creamy lipstick that can tip an unwearble shade into wearable territory :)

    I do like this colour on me and it's a great 'throw on in a hurry' shade but I love it on her. I didn't even realise how big the difference was until I took the pictures!

    I wish sometimes that I could do full face shots because sometimes you need to see a lip colour in the context of someone's whole face but unfortunately i'm holding onto any semblance of anonymity I have for now ;)

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. I had the same problem with A Tartan Tale lipsticks. I really wanted two of them (I think Fairy Glen or something like that?) but when I tried them on, they just didn't work. It was so disappointing.
    Sea Sheer is very pretty color on both of you. I also have the same problem with my nude(ish) mac lipsticks, I really have to make sure to wear lipliner or my lips look all smudged out.

  5. Aseya: I hate when I read all these reviews about must have MAC shades and I try them on and they just don't work! Lucky we have lipliners!

    I find nudes the hardest to work with and I've noticed that they look bad on me if they have too much pink in them. I have a Shu Uemura beige coloured nude and it looks gorgeous! I'm on a quest though to find a pretty mid tone pink that works on my lips :)