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Friday, February 4, 2011

January Favourites: Ecotools Large Eye Brush and Deluxe Concealer Brush

I go back and forth between so many different products that it's actually quite hard to pick a favourite from the month. For something to make it as a favourite it has to be something that I've become so used to that I reach for it without even thinking about it. These Ecotools brushes fit that category and I've been using them nearly every time I do my makeup since I purchased them about a month ago.

Left to right: Large eye brush, deluxe concealer brush.

The large eye brush is smaller than my Sigma E50 (which is similar to the MAC 227 large fluff brush) but it's bigger than my Sigma ss239 brush. I like the SS239 to pack colour on the lid and the E50 to apply my brow bone highlight but the Ecotools large eye brush is perfect for applying a wash of colour on the lid. It's made out of synthetic fibres but it feels like a really soft natural hair brush and it's dense but quite fluffy. It has a tapered tip so you can maneouvre it into smaller areas of the lid and it's fluffiness means you can blend with it too.

left to right: Sigma E50, Ecotools Large Eye Brush, Sigma SS239 brush

These brushes are both quite big and dense and that's why I like them but the deluxe concealer brush is my favourite. I use it everyday to apply my paint pots or what ever base I'm using on my eyes and it works really well. It's synthetic so it doesn't eat up product, it sheers the product out really well and applies a thin layer and the tapered tip means I can blend the edges out. It's denser than both my Sigma ss252 brush and my MAC 195 brush which I also use for application of my eye bases. I find the MAC 195 is good with my hard to blend paint pots, the Sigma ss252 is great with my more emollient bases such as the NYX Jumbo eye pencils and the Ecotools brush works really well with my creamier paint pots.

Left to right: Sigma SS252, Ecotools Deluxe Concealer Brush, MAC 195 brush

These brushes were both relatively cheap and I think I paid less than $10 AUD for each of them and they haven't shed and are both really soft on the skin. I think they're a good alternative for those of you who may be starting off or who want an eco friendly option for brushes.

I also did a really quick look using the brushes to show you how they apply colour. I always use at least 2 eyeshadows when doing my makeup so it was a nice reminder that a wash of colour can look equally as nice.

Here's my bare lid:

I then applied MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot with the Deluxe Concealer Brush. This paint pot is my hardest to work with but it applies well with this brush:

I applied MAC Warming Trend eye shadow all over the lid using the Large Eye Brush. This eyeshadow is really soft so the brush picks up alot of product so you'll probably need to tap off excess when using this brush.

I put on a coat of Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Can I just say that Warming Trend is fast becoming one on my favourite 'my lids but better' eyeshadows. I like it as much or even more than I like Woodwinked and that's very high praise from me! It looks like a slightly lighter and not so orange toned version of Woodwinked and it blends really well, has a really nice finish and it's such a pretty colour. I think I'll need to hunt down a backup because I can see myself hitting pan on this one!

Have any of you tried the Ecotools brushes? Did they work for you or do you wish you'd saved your money? Also, what are your favourite eyeshadows for a wash of colour on the lids? Leave a comment below!


  1. Hi Bug! I've heard so many good things about Ecotools, but I haven't used them myself yet. ^.^

    Kisses, Melanie

  2. I'm so easily persuaded to try new things and since everyone goes on about these I had to pick them up. I like them and use them alot but I don't think I'm ready to give up my MAC brushes just yet ;)

  3. My sister got the mini eye brush set for me when she was away. I used it the other night, it's brilliant! Like as in, I actually stopped to think 'there must be a catch!'

    They're so soft and really dense. I can't wait to use them all!

  4. Lol I'll let you know if I figure out the catch but so far so good! I saw the mini set but I like longer handles on my brushes plus I didn't need most of the brushes so I decided to just buy the two I was curious about.

    You must be happy that she's back. :) did she get you any other cool things? I thought they were going to get you a clarisonic?

  5. Lovely EOTD!

    I haven't used ecotools brushes before but will probably try one soon.

    I love using my Smashbox Minx, MAC Mauvement pigment or MAC Copperplate for a wash of colour

  6. Jen W: Thanks :) I think they're worth checking out especially for the price.
    I haven't tried any of those colours in person yet but Copperplate is definitely on my wish list. Mauvement looks really pretty but apart from the glitters, I haven't really tried alot of pigments yet.
    What are the Smashbox eyeshadows like? I watch the videos on the Smashbox website and they look gorgeous but I've never actually swatched any.

  7. I have the eco tools foundation brush and I love it! its loads better than my previous fave, the bobbi brown foundation brush. And soooo cheap! i might have to try the concealer brush now

  8. Prettyladylove: maybe I'll go try the foundation brush after all! I passed
    because I didn't think it looked like anything special but I do like this range. I love the deluxe concealer brush but to be honest I haven't actually tried it with concealer so I don't know it would work well for that purpose. I think it would be nice or under eye concealing but it might pick up too much product for spot concealing. Let me know how you find it if you do buy it :)