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Friday, February 11, 2011

Follow me on Twitter!

Okay so I know that Twitter's been up and running for years but I'm always late to the party so here I am with my first real attempt at Twittering.. tweeting? Whatever it is, I've decided to try it out and my user name is BugsBeautyBlog. My bestie always makes fun of me for being a techno-noob and at the moment I have to admit she's right because I'm feeling a bit like the bird on the right hand side in the picture below but I'm sure it'll all make sense soon!


  1. yay! I joined twitter only 2 months ago I think but am very much addicted now

  2. hahahah I know exactly how you feel! You get the hang of it after a while :) I'll follow you, I love interacting with other bloggers on twitter. I'm @aseyaxx

  3. Jen W: Lol I hope I don't get addicted but I do hope I figure out what's so compelling about it soon!

    Aseya: I thought it would be a cool way to talk to other bloggers about things that aren't worth doing a whole post on. Lol I hope I figure it out soon! ps: i love your name, so pretty!