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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finally, MAC on ebay you can trust!

I love Australia but the markup we pay for cosmetics instore is ridiculous so I'm always happy when I find a great online site to purchase makeup from at a reasonable price. I know how hard it is to know when to trust a site or a seller so I always try to spread the word when I find somewhere or someone worth buying from. That leads me to todays post about Makeup Emporium, the only ebay store I've found that I actually trust the MAC products from!

I know that around 90% (probably more) of MAC cosmetics online are fake but Michelle from makeupemporium1 sells authentic permanent, rare and limited edition MAC stuff at reasonable prices. I've purchased from her a few times and I'll personally vouch for the products that she sells. I've picked up a few brushes, face products, a paint pot as well as the double ended colour corrector from the Mickey Contractor collection and a lipgloss from the Wonder Woman collection from her store.

She's really lovely and answers all your questions quickly and she even refunds postage if she ends up paying less at the post office than what you've been charged for. She also does private listings and she was nice enough to order me the Athena's Kiss lipgloss that I really wanted from the Wonder Woman collection. She also ships really quickly and my items always get here after about 2 weeks and are always in perfect condition.

Just to give you an idea of her prices, I paid about $50 each (which are the US prices) for both the MAC 134 and MAC 138 brushes which cost $105 each (!) in Australia so that's a 50% saving! I know I'm raving about this seller but she is awesome and definitely deserves to be raved about! Her store is well worth checking out, especially for all you Aussie's like me who would rather get two brushes for the price you're paying in Australia for one.

Have any of you bought from this seller before? Do you have any recommendations for any trust worthy online makeup sites, stores or ebay sellers? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I haven't bought from Michelle before, but I've purchased quite a bit from an Australian Seller eBay store called Peach and Primrose. They sell mostly MAC Pro eyeshadows and palettes, as well as core lipsticks like Russian Red, Ruby Woo etc. Their stuff is totally 100% authentic! The girls are really friendly and easy to deal with. Fast and cheap shipping too. Highly recommend to MAC lovers out there trying to avoid the cheap fakes!!!!