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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christian Dior Inspired Brightly Coloured Eyes

In my continuing quest to find inspiration from the Spring/Summer makeup trends I came across these pictures from the Christian Dior Spring Ready to Wear show. The looks are super bright and I love the mix of old hollywood glamour with the modern colours.

This look is so easy to do and I was inspired to try out 3 different colours. I used all Sugarpill shadows and they were a hot pink matte shadow called Dollipop, a bright yellow called Buttercupcake and a shimmery green called Midori. All I did was pat the colour on to my lid and then blend out the edges. I also added the cat eye flick with some black liquid liner and used MAC Fascinating eye kohl (white) on my waterline.

My tips for pulling off this type of look are:
1. Use matte shadows- anything with a shimmer (like the green above) can end up looking quite tacky.
2. Keep the colour confined to the lid- this makes the look more wearable
3.Blend!- The blocks of colour on the Christian Dior models is one of the main reasons the makeup looks unwearable but once you blend the edges the look is instantly softened.
4. Keep the rest of the look neutral: I know this look was paired with bright lips for the show but pairing it with a neutral or nude lip makes it more everyday friendly and most important
5. Have fun with it! This is meant to be a fun look so just take it for what is and don't be so serious :)


  1. I don't know that I could ever rock this look, but now I'm trying to convince myself to try it just once... Love the liner with the colors!!!

  2. AnieJ: Lol I talk a big game but the most I could manage with this look was wearing it around the house so I'm trying to work up the courage to wear it out as well :D It's such a fun look but definitely one of those 'Look at me' looks!

  3. Hi, just came across your blog and loving it. New follower here :)

    And I really like the green look you've done. I'm not sure I'd be game enough to try the yellow and pink but the green is definitely wearable.


  4. Lilit: Thank you so much!

    I think the green is the one I'd be most likely to wear out as well but I'd switch it out for something matte because I wasn't really liking the whole shimmer look in person :)

    I just checked out your blog and can I just say that the mixture of macaroons and makeup is genius :D love it!

  5. I'm tempted to try this though I'm scared that it's too 'young' for a woman like me. LOL.

  6. I LOVE the yellow on your skin tone. Just stunning. Are these eyeshadows actually that opaque, or did you use a light coloured base to make them pop?

  7. Just passed by your blog and love it :) I love the bright eyes but I'm not sure if I could pull it off, all the colours look gorgeous on you so maybe I'll experiment!

    check out my blog and if you like it please subscribe :)


  8. Michelle: Lol there is no way you're old enough to start referring to things as too young for you! Some of the models were wearing pastel shades and they looked lovely so I think start there :)

    Arianne: I always layer my shadows over a base and I used Soft Ochre paint pot under these but they're really pigmented so they don't really need one. They're actually so pigmented that the hot pink stained my eye lid!

    R: Thanks! You should definitely try it out! I'm heading over to check your blog out now. Thanks for commenting :)