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Friday, January 7, 2011

NARS Schiap will give you luscious lips guaranteed!

I've wanted NARS Schiap lipstick ever since I first saw these pictures of Kim Kardashian rocking it but I've always put off buying it for some reason. I saw a NARS makeup artist wearing it quite recently and I couldn't put it off any longer and rushed home and ordered it from It finally arrived today so you know I had to do a post about it.

Oh NARS Schiap, where have you been all my life? This is a very bright blue based pink lipstick so be prepared to turn some heads if you wear it. It's brighter than anything I own but I love it! It's one of those colours that makes me feel happier, funkier and prettier when I wear it.

Just as a little side note: The shade is often mispronounced as 'She-ap' but is actually pronounced 'Ski-up' as in Schiaparelli. Francois Nars created this colour as an homage to Italian fashion designer and Coco Chanel rival, Elsa Schiaparelli who was known as Schiap to her friends. Elsa introduced the shocking pink colour into fashion and the bright pink shade is known as Schiaparelli pink.

The consistency of the lipstick is different to any other lipstick I own and I guess it would be classed as a semi-matte. It goes on a bit dry so make sure your lips are moisturised because it'll pick up on any dryness on your lips and emphasise it. The consistency means that you can avoid the dreaded lipstick teeth really easily but you'll have to apply some balm while wearing this so your lips don't dry out.

Kim's lips look more purple in the pictures above because she's wearing NARS Hotwired Lip Lacquer on top of the Schiap lipstick. Hotwired is a bright fuschia colour which has some blue irridescence through it. It's definitely on my wish list because I think it'll be the perfect accompaniment to any of my bright pink and purple lipsticks. I know I have to stop buying so many bright pink lipsticks but they're just so pretty that I can't say no!


  1. I need this lipstick!

    I'm so excited by your blog -- am going to Tweet about you.

  2. Yay! I'm excited that you're excited :) This lipstick is definitely a must have!

  3. Before I go to bed, I would like comment that I freaking LOVE this lipstick. And like I mentioned over dinner, it's even better when you mix it with Candy Yum Yum!

    Nighty night!