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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holy Grail Status confirmed: Sigma F82 and F80 brushes

I was reading Ren's post (Makeup by Ren Ren) on the new Sigmax range of brushes by Sigma and realised that I completely forgot to do a post on the F82 brush I purchased a few months ago. I already did a post back in May last year on the F80 brush which you can find by clicking the link. The Sigma F82 is very similar to the F80 except that the F80 is flat top kabuki and the F82 is a round top kabuki. I warn you that this is going to be a rave review so prepare yourself ;)

The brushes look dirty in this next picture but they're actually clean. The fibres just tend to stain. They still work great though!

As you can see, the F82 is slightly smaller than the F80 in diameter and the length of the fibres is also slightly shorter. They're both synthetic brushes made with what Sigma calls 'Synthetic Sigmax HD filament'. I don't know what that is but I can't believe how soft the fibres on this brush are. They're even softer than alot of my natural haired brushes and they don't eat up product the way natural hairs can. The F82 is an extremely dense brush and I mean super dense! I already thought that the F80 was a dense brush but this one is more tightly packed and chubbier than the F80 as you can tell by the next two pictures.

The density of this brush means it's perfect for cream foundation. I've started wearing the Dermablend Cover Creme foundation and this brush blends it out so nicely that it looks really natural and not at all cakey. I could still use my Sigma F80 to blend out the cream foundation but I've found that it doesn't blend as well or as quickly as the F82 so I've pretty much only been using the F82 for the last few months.

I tried to show the difference in the application of both brushes but it's hard to capture but hopefully you can see the difference. In the picture below I applied all three swatches heavily with my finger and for the last two swatches I used each brush and swiped the foundation twice using minimal pressure. The swatch blended with the F82 is already very blended and that's just with two little swipes so imagine what you can do with the rest of your face!

From Bitten by the Beauty Bug

I know that it probably sounds like I'm advocating the Sigma F82 brush over the F80 brush but I really love both brushes. If I had to recommend one brush to start with it would definitely be the F80 because I think it's more versatile. It can work well with creams with a little more time and it is amazing with liquid foundations. The F82 is awesome if you exclusively use heavy coverage liquid foundations like the MAC Studio Fix Fluid or if you use cream foundations. I don't really like it for lighter coverage liquid foundations though because its density means that it sheers the product out too much.

Both these brushes also perform really well with concealer when you apply it using a patting motion on to your skin. I prefer the F80 for my liquid concealers such as my MAC select cover up but the F82 works much better with cream concealers such as the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. Sigma also recommend these brushes for powder application and maybe they work well if you use powder foundation but for setting makeup with powder these aren't very good. I prefer to use a natural haired fluffy brush like the MAC 138 brush to get a light application of powder.

Either way I don't think you can go wrong regardless of which brush you purchase and if you're a big makeup person then definitely go for both! They're $16 each which is a great price or you can buy a set with these two brushes and the angled synthetic kabuki for $42.They're a bit of a pain to clean and dry because of how dense they are and they always stay kind of stained. They usually take me about a day to dry properly which is why it's handy having both because you can use one while the other one's drying.

This isn't meant to be a 'Sigma are so great' post because I've actually found a lot of their other brushes to be sub-par at best but this synthetic range is phenomenal and definitely worth the money. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!


  1. I've been lemming one of those brushes for months! I put my foundation of with a stipling brush that isn't all that dense... it takes a lot of messing around to make it look good. The $42 set sounds like a great deal; thank you so much for posting it!

  2. Glad I could help! I tried the stippling brushes because everyone raved about them but I don't like them for my foundation application. These brushes are awesome though and my foundation always looks so much more natural because it doesn't look like it's just sitting on top my skin.
    Thanks for the comment :)