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Friday, January 7, 2011

Get ready for the heatwave with NARS Heatwave lipstick

I apologise for the lame title but I just couldn't help myself and I blame it on the lipstick! NARS Heatwave is a bright orange toned red that's a must have if you're searching for that perfect retro pin up girl red. It's apparently one of the most used red's on the show Mad Men and you know I had to jump on board the band wagon when I heard that because Christina Hendricks rocks a red lip like no one else. She just oozes old hollywood glamour!

This lipstick is another one of NARS semi matte formulas so it can be a bit drying so always exfoliate and lightly moisturise your lips before applying. It goes on nicely but it has a little bit of resistance to it compared with my creamier lipsticks but I quite like the texture.

I described it as being an orange toned red before but I think it's really more of a corally red as it also has a little bit of pink to it. I think that's why I find it more wearable because I've tried straight out orange reds before and they look quite unflattering on me but I like the way this one looks. You can see that it's super bright and its warm undertones makes it a perfect summer red lip. I can also see it working as an easy lip stain by applying it lightly and then rubbing it into the lips.

I've heard this colour described as a universal red but I'm not going to go that far because I've been disappointed far too many times by red lipsticks that get hyped up in that way. I think it's a nice red and definitely worth checking out but this is one of those shades that I recommend you try before you buy. I think every girl should have at least one great red lipstick in her makeup collection. Maybe NARS Heatwave will be that perfect red for you.


  1. I love Mad Men and red lipsticks. I haven't seen this one yet but will check it out (though I am supposed to be on a spending ban).


  2. Lol I've been on a supposed spending ban for ages now but then I see a new collection launch or read a great review and I can't help myself!

  3. i love heatwave...its great on me... works well in winter or summer and im a blonde with pink undertones...sooo reds can be hard to find..this one rocks..also..this is the red that is allll over the jcrew about as close to a"universal" as ive ever come across! xoxo

  4. Suicide_blond: I love this red! It's so easy to wear and I never have to fuss with a lip brush. I haven't seen the j crew pictures but I'm going to go take a look. I think it's the closest to universal I've seen too but I just don't want to hype it up and disappoint anyone :D