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Monday, January 3, 2011

December Favourite: MAC FIX+

It may be a bit late to do a December favourite post but I figure it makes sense to write about what my favourite product of December was after I've used it for the whole month. Anyway, my favourite product of December has to be my MAC Fix+. I've never really been a fan of MAC skin care products because I'm not very fond of the scent but I decided to purchase this a few weeks ago to use with my pigments. It's classed as a skin refresher/finishing mist and you can keep it with you during the day to refresh your makeup or to give your skin a boost on a hot day.

Even though I bought this so I could foil my pigments (ie: use them wet), I find that I've been using it for so much more and I've become quite reliant on it. My favourite way to use it is definitely as part of my foundation routine. My daily routine now involves me moisturising, applying my primer and then I spritz my face with my Fix+. After that I apply my foundation to my face and then spritz my foundation brush with the Fix+ before blending my foundation in. After this I apply my concealer and powder my face and after I've finished applying my powder I spritz my face one last time with the Fix+.

This may seem like an excessive use of Fix+ but I just use it as a replacement to what I used to use a spray bottle of water for. I apply the water or Fix+ so my foundation applies more sheerly and so it sits better on my skin and I apply it after I powder so that the final result isn't powdery or cakey. You may think that I should have saved myself the $20 or so dollars and stuck with the water but the reason I love the Fix+ so much is because it actually seems to be helping my makeup last longer and also keep my skin oil free for longer.

Usuall by the end of the day I have a build up of oil on my T-zone and my makeup begins to fade around my cheeks but that hasn't been happening since I started using this product. I know that this is one of those love it or hate it products but I definitely love it and I think you'll just have to try it to figure out if it works for you or not. For the record I have sensitive/combination skin that tends to be on the dry side so if I don't moisturise straight after washing my face my skin tends to get quite tight. I only get oily when I wear makeup.

So before I finish off this post I have to show you how it works with loose shadows and pigments because it's definitely a winner for me. I know MAC makes a mixing medium but I don't use loose shadows often enough for it to be worth buying and I prefer the versatility of the FIX+. Anyway I took photos using two of my loose pigments, the blue one is Weekender by Sugarpill and the brown one is a loose shadow by Barry M. As you can see they both look very pigmented in the jar.

Here are the pictures of how they perform when used dry, with water and then with Fix+. Unfortunately Blogger keeps rotating my pictures the wrong way so in the pictures below the swatches are from top to bottom, applied with Fix+, applied with water and the bottom ones are both applied dry.

You can definitely see how much of a difference there is between the swatches. I've never compared the water and the Fix+ before and I honestly wasn't expecting a difference but the Fix+ blows the water... well out of the water (forgive the pun)! I noticed that the swatches applied with a brush sprayed with water went on patchier and wasn't as easy to control as those applied with the Fix+. The colour is also so much more vibrant when applied with a brush dampened with Fix+.

I know this was a bit of rave review so I think I better throw some cons in so it doesn't look too biased. My major pet peeve about this product has to be the bottle because the lid has screwed off a few times and spilled all over my makeup and it also tends to drip even when locked. My other peeve would have to be the scent and if you are sensitive to smells then definitely try it before buying. The good thing is the scent tends to disappear after it dries so it's not there for long but I can see it irritating a few people none the less!

All in all I think that this is a good product to have around and I'm glad that I've found more than one use for it. It's not going to be great for everyone and some people think it's no different to water but I can see enough of a difference that I'd repurchase it. Also another tip, if you keep this in the fridge on warm days then it will help cool you down while refreshing your makeup.

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