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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brown Girl Staples: NARS Exhibit A blush

NARS Exhibit A... it brings fear into the hearts of many who gaze upon its bright tomato red shade but don't be scared because this is definitely one amazing product!

As bright as it looks in the pan, used with a light hand this blush gives you a gorgeous flush of colour that mimics that just stepped out of the cold look or that coquettish blushing look. Its extreme pigmentation also means that it lands itself on the Brown Girls Staples list because you all should have this in your makeup collection!

Here's some swatches of it. The first swipe is done quite heavily, the second is blended a bit and the third barely there flush is what it can look like when applied very, very lightly.

The different levels of intenisty I was able to obtain should show you that while this is a brown girl must have for those ranging in tone from the lightest shade of caramel to the deepest chocolate, this is also a blush that can work for all you paler skinned girls out there. I actually love this blush on really pale girls for that really pretty Snow White type of look.

Whatever your skin tone, just remember to go slow with this blush until you get a feel for it because you can end up going from having that sexy flush to looking like you need to get to a hospital stat with just a little too much on your brush. Blushes like this really require a duo fibre brush such as the MAC 188 or 187 or a really fluffy blush brush. My favourite to use is the NARS Yachiyo because it gives me the right result every time. Though even with my yachiyo I still have to tap off any excess because this is what the brush looks like after just one small little tap into the pan:

That's a lot of product considering it's such a pigmented blush! I usually tap the brush head onto the back of my hand to work some of the product out so I get left with a brush that looks more like this:

I've found that this is the perfect amount of product required for one cheek and then all I have to do is blend it in. Because such a little amount goes such a long way, I've had this blush for a year now without even making a dent in it. The embossed pattern is still there in some places and I've used this blush alot in the last year. I tried to get a picture of this blush in action but it's really quite hard to capture a subtle flush of colour. Hopefully you can see it because my flash did bleach the colour out a tiny bit.

This is probably my favourite blush (along with Smashbox's Radiance blush) and hopefully you can see why! It's the shade that I recommend to all of my friends when they're looking for a blush and so far everyone I've tried it on has loved it. This is also my favourite shade to wear with red lips because it stops me from looking washed out when wearing such bright lips and also compliments them really nicely. This blush is also that perfect shade to wear when you feel like rocking a 'no makeup' makeup look. Let's be honest here, there's probably very few occassions I don't think this blush is perfect for!

I know NARS Orgasm blush always gets hyped up as the 'must have' shade but people, let me tell you that NARS Exhibit A really deserves that title so go try it for yourself if you haven't already because I swear you won't be disappointed!


  1. I still have to go buy this!!
    I like how you've tagged it as a 'brown girl staple'

  2. Lol unfortunately I tagged it as a 'Borwn girl staple' instead of a 'Brown girl staple' but it's all fixed now! Hopefully one day I'll learn how to type properly ;)

    Dude, you have to get it! It looked so good on you! This and the NARS Mounia blush if i remember correctly. Mounia is discontinued now but I think you can still find it on ebay if you want to risk it. Just make sure you don't buy a fake!