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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To haul or not to haul (and where to haul)?

I recently resigned from my job because I decided that sometimes you've got to go against what's rational in order to make room for something good in your life. It's probably a big sign that it was time to leave when the only thing I regret about leaving is not having money for my makeup shopping.

Seeing as I only have 3 weeks of income left I decided I'd let myself do one more haul but I don't know where. I've been lemming after some Sugarpill products big time and their gold loose pigment in Goldilux is calling my name. I've also been eyeing a few NARS products such as the Etrusque gold shadow from the holiday collection and the Funny Face lipstick.

Or should I skip out on the makeup and go for the Clarisonic Mia which I also really want? Also for any Aussies that are interested, you can get the Clarisonic Mia from for $145 US and $9.95 shipping. I feel like I'm always recommending this website but it's one of the few places I know which are legitimate, sell products at US prices and ship internationally at a good price.

Sigh, there are just too many choices for which I have too little money lol. Also I just wanted to say that I don't expect my blogging ability to suffer despite my lack of hauls because I still have a ton of stuff I haven't posted about so hopefully you stick with me.

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