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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Makeup BFF's: Red lips and Pin Up eyes

The holiday season inevitably means that at least a few of you will be taken by the urge to wear a red lip and why wouldn't you? It's such a classic look that is festive and appropriate for nearly any holiday celebration. The problem with wearing a red lip (or any other bold lip colour) is that you need to make sure your eye makeup isn't too over powering or you end up looking like Homer Simpson just hit you with his makeup gun ie not pretty!

If you do decide to wear a red lip such as the Shu Uemura RD165 pictured above, then you need eye makeup that compliments it. I think that the one look you can never go wrong with when rocking a bold lip is the pin up eye because it was invented in the time when red lipsticks were de rigueur. Marilyn Monroe wore this look alot and it's probably her signature look and involves a matt beige eyeshadow, a cool brown eyeshadow and black liquid eyeliner.

It's just a cut crease look and is so easy to do. I think the hardest part for me was just finding the right shades because you need a beige that is one or two shades lighter than your skin colour but that still has some warmth to it and you need a brown that isn't too warm as it's acting as a contour shade. I ended up having to mix two eyeshadows for the beige colour and used 4 different browns for the crease colour.

Here's what I used:
MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot all over lid and up to brow bone
MAC Bamboo eyeshadow all over lid and up to brow bone
MAC Brule eyeshadow on lid and around tear duct
MAC Dazzlelight as brow bone highlight
MAC Concrete eyeshadow to cut the crease
MAC Cork eyeshadow to add a bit of warmth to the crease
MAC Embark eyeshadow to deepen the crease a bit in the outer edge
MAC Soft Brown eyeshadow to blend out the crease
Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner to line top lashline
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara on both bottom and top lashes

To get a good pin up eye you need to use an angled brush to draw in the initial crease colour and I used an angled eye brow brush. After I put down this colour I used a tapered blending brush to blend the crease out. I placed the crease colour above above my natural crease because I have hooded eyes and my crease colour would get lost if I drew it in where my natural crease is. This is also a way to give the illusion that you have a defined crease if you also have hooded eyes.

Another staple requirement for a pin up eye is black liquid eyeliner. I sometimes end mine in a bit of a rounded flick but today I just kept it quite straight. You definitely need to curl your lashes for this look and put on enough mascara that your lashes are defined but not too much that they get clumpy. This look goes really well with half lashes on the outer corner as it emphasises that doe eyed look.


  1. thanks so much for this! i love the pin up girl look and your instructions are really easy and straightforward :D

  2. Cini Mh: Glad I could help :) It's such an easy look to do but it works with everything and it looks lovely!

  3. Pin-up eyes are my go-to daily eye look. :) I love the red lip but I'm still not comfortable doing a red lip to class. It's amazing how a little bit of makeup can take you back through the decades. ;)