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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Glitterfest 2010 with MAC 3D Gold Glitter

Hi my name is Bug and I'm a glitterholic. Yes I admit it. I don't know where this addiction of mine came from but what I once thought was tacky now just seems awesome and I find myself buying cosmetics with glitter whenever I can. My latest purchase was a sample of MAC 3D Gold Glitter from

I received 1/4 teaspoon's worth in a 5gm jar and this tiny amount will last me ages because you seriously only need a tiny bit. I could never justify buying a full size jar and to be honest, unless you're a drag queen or just like to be really OTT all the time there is no way you could make it through a full size version of this product in a lifetime!

So here are some pictures of it:

Isn't it so pretty? It's gold glitter that flashes different colours when it catches the light in this really cool holographic way. I love it! I'm also lemming the 3D silver glitter because all the pictures I've seen look amazing!

I really wanted to try a look with this glitter but I'm still learning how to use it. What I've found with glitter and loose shimmer products is that it's best to do your look with your normal glitter free shadows and then apply the glitters as an accent. I went for a relatively subtle look and the amount of glitter I used in this look is probably how much I would use if I decide to wear it out. Unfortunately the amount I applied was a little too subtle for the camera but it's there I swear! I applied it to the middle of my eyelid using a pressing motion after I'd done the rest of my eye.

Ok so you can't see the glitter much at all and the look is really rushed/messy but I'm goin to try another look soon using the 3D glitter and apply it more heavily (and neatly).

To get the look I applied:
MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot all over the lid
MAC Tan pigment all over lid and up to crease
MAC Embark eyeshadow on outer v and into crease and along last third of bottom lashline
MAC Soba eyeshadow to blend out crease
Sugarpill Goldilux loose shadow (review coming soon!) around tear duct and along bottom lashline
Savvy by DB brown/black liquid liner on top lashline
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara on bottom and top lashes
Rimmel Brown Kohl pencil to waterline


  1. Oh wow, that is just gorgeous!!

  2. I love it but the only problem is that it's really hard to stop staring at it. Lol it's so shiny that I just can't look away!

    Have you checked out the silver 3D glitter yet? It's alot more over the top than the gold one but it's cool in a very disco ball kind of way ;)

  3. I've never tried any of the mac glitters to be honest, but I think I will. They seem like a good investment product, cuz you'll probably only need to buy one!

  4. You could probably even just go to the closest MAC counter that sells the glitters and get them to give you a sample. I've read on a few blogs that most people just get their pigments that way because a sample lasts forever.

    Btw, I know you wanted a nail growth/strengthening base coat but I just bought the seche vite fast drying top coat and it's awesome!