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Sunday, November 21, 2010

So enchanting! : Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland palette

I've been wanting to post on this palette ever since I received it because it is amazing! The packaging alone made me want to buy it so it works out well that the products themselves are actually useable and of great quality. The palette is called the Enchanted Glamourland palette by Too Faced and it's part of their Holiday 2010 collection. I should warn you that this post is very long and picture heavy so you better get comfortable.

Here's the front of the palette and it's already so cute and very Too Faced like.

But open it up and here's the best part....

It's really worth clicking the picture to view it bigger because there's so much attention to detail. I am in love with it! The little pop out scene that you can see is centered around what Too Faced calls their Pin Up Pixies and they are adorable! Each one has it's own little colour scheme and personality. Here's pictures of them close up:

This one is the Forest Nymph:

This is the Violet Femme:

And this is my favourite the Flirty Fairy

The palette has this little pocket that holds three cards which show you what colours to use to get the makeup look of each of the pixies.

They're not the most helpful cards as they don't really discuss colour placement or give you much direction but it's a cute idea.

The palette has a little drawer on the right hand side which holds all the eyeshadows and the full sized (!) lip gloss and Shadow insurance. The blush and the bronzer are attached on the front where the little pixies are which actually seems a little messy to me but they provide you with a little plastic insert which covers them when you're not using them.

Here are swatches of the blush and the bronzer. The blush is swatched on top and is in the colour La Vien en Rose which is a pretty rose colour. The bronzer is in the colour Snow Bunny and has four different strips of colour. I swatched all four colours swirled together first and underneath are the individual strips of colour. The colour is a very warm golden bronze.

I haven't really been using the blush or the bronzer from this palette partly because I forget they're there and partly because I don't want to destroy the look of the palette. From the one time I did try it I thought that the blush was pretty but perhaps a little too muted for my liking on my skin tone and I thought the bronzer was good as a highlighter.

The included lipgloss is one of Too Faced's Glamour Glosses and is in the colour Pillow Talk. It's a pinky beige nude colour and the formula is a lip plumping one. This means that it feels very tingly on the lips but it's not an unbearable type of tingling like some other lip plumping glosses.

The gloss tube has rhinestone on the top which I thought was so cute and tacky but in a good way!

Here's a picture of my bare lips and then a picture with me wearing the gloss.

Now the part that I'm sure you're all most interested in... the eyeshadows! You get 15 shadows in this palette and there's a mixture of matt and shimmery finishes and a mixture of bright and neutral colours. The pallette includes 11 permanent shades and 4 shades which are just named 'Exclusive' and which are made for this palette.

I swatched the shadows row by row but unfortunately blogger keeps rotating my pictures the wrong way so I apologise but I'll write on top what each colour is.

This is the first row and it's a very neutral type row. The colours from top to bottom are Honey Pot, Velvet Revolver, George & Weezie, The first exclusive shade which is a matt pastel type pink and In the Buff

The second row consists more of the brighter type shades. The colours are from top to bottom another exclusive shade which is a teal green shimmer, Peach Fuzz, Boy Toy, another exclusive shade which is a bright violet and Teddy Bear

This last row consists of mainly the darker shades and they are from top to bottom Stiletto, Ooh & Aah, The last exclusive shade which is a dark brown with blue glitter, Glamazon and Label Whore.

All of the eyeshadows have very good pigmentation and the variety of colours are quite good. I would have liked a few more of the neutral shades to be a little bit darker so they would actually show up on darker skin tones but it is what it is.

The included Shadow Insurance is a full sized one which is awesome but so far I haven't really used it. I honestly prefer the Urban Decay Primer Potion more than the Shadow Insurance because I find that the Shadow Insurance creases alot more on me. I also find that the oils in the product tend to seperate so when you squeeze the tube you usually get quite a bit of an oily type substance coming out when you first use it.

All in all I think this is a great palette and even though I may not use it that much, I'm glad to have it. I purchased it online from ASOS for $65 US but I know that Kit Cosmetics in Australia are selling it for $85AUD. When I went by last week the lady at Kit told me they had sold out but were re-stocking this week so go grab one quick if you're interested. I think this is an awesome gift idea as well so if you're stuck on what to get someone for Christmas then this could be a great option.


  1. Heya I just stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for The Enchanted Glamourland palette's swatches lol. I'm not normally the type of person who comment on someone's post but I just feel like I have to because honestly, I like the way you write your review. It feels like you were really talking to the reader and I can see you put quite a hard work on your swatches so bravo for you! :)

    Keep on writing ;p


  2. Thanks Arnis! I really appreciate it. I try to make my reviews contain the kind of stuff I'd want to know if I was purchasing a product so thanks for noticing and commenting. I hope the post was helpful :)

  3. Seriously, the pixie collection is SOOOO gorgeous!!! I had my boyfriend order the set with the makeup bag for Christmas =) Great blog, I'm totally following!!!

  4. Danielle: I think it's my favourite holiday 2010 collection so far and definitely my favourite Too Faced collection.

    Good thing you already got your bf to order it because it looks like the whole collection is selling out quick.

    Thanks for following! I'm always happy to hear that someone enjoys reading my blog :)