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Monday, November 8, 2010

Fabulosity galore: Too Faced French and Fabulous Palette

I've been eyeing the Too Faced French and Fabulous palette for a while so I jumped at the first chance I had to purchase it. It's a very pretty palette that includes 6 eyeshadows and 2 mini bronzers. Word of warning: this palette is super frosty! I mean we're not talking about subtle shimmer here but full on glitz. Only two of the eyeshadows are minus this frost finish and that's the black colour and the hot pink.

The palette comes in this really fabulously tacky packaging that is very reminiscent of Marie Antoinette and the decadence and excess that era signifies. It's made of a sturdy cardboard and has a magnetic closure. The camera didn't catch it very well but the front of the palette is accented with gold glitter which I love!

Here's what it looks like inside.

And here are the swatches of the colours:

The main reason this palette has been calling my name is because of the hot pink shade which I really wanted to try in a look. I tried so hard to use only the shadows in the palette but I had to branch out. I used Mess in a Dress on the lid and Poodle Puff pink eyeshadow around the tear duct but I also added All that Glitters by MAC inbetween both these shades on the lid. I also used MAC Sketch eyeshadow in the crease and outer V and MAC Bamboo to blend out the edges and into the brow bone. I decided to stick with the bright theme so I also used my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in rockstar (purple) along the bottom lashline and lined the top with my Shiseido The Makeup Fine eyeliner.

The included hot pink colour is really strange because it looks matte when I swatch it but when I use it on my lid it seems to have a bit of a blue/purple irridesence to it. This could be a consequence of the base I'm using but this shadow seems to turn on my skin and become a little bit unflattering and a bit too 80's for my liking. I tried using the included black shade instead of Sketch in the crease but the pink and black mixed to make an unflattering plum shade so I went with Sketch instead. Just a word on the black, this isn't a pure matte shade and has some glitter particles through it like MAC Black Tied eyeshadow.

The other included colours are ok but I find that the Totally Toasted Beige and Poodle Puff Pink are too light on my skin tone to use as anything other than inner corner highlight shades. I really like the Totally Toasted Brown colour though and like it as an all over wash of colour on my lid. Poodle Puff Raisin and me are just meh at the moment. I know lots of other reviewers loved this colour but so far I haven't found the appeal.

As for the included bronzers, they're pretty colours but to be honest I find them to be a little too shimmery so I've been using them as shadows more than anything else. The Sun Bunny Bronzer in particular is great as a lid colour. I tried using Mess in a Dress as a cheek colour too but the purple/blue irridesence that I talked about made it look unflattering on my cheeks.

All in all I do like this palette but I just wasn't prepared for the abundance of shimmer shadows. I was hoping it could be a palette that I could use on its own to create an eye look but I've found that I really need to add other shadows. This might not be the case for you but I really don't like using too many shimmer/frost finish shadows together and like to mix them with matte finishes aswell.

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