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Monday, November 22, 2010

A birthday reflection

Today's my birthday and birthday's always cause me to reflect over the last year and those that came before it. It's so easy to feel like we're not living up to a version of ourselves that we have engrained in our brains but this past year for me has really been about learning to let all that go.

We are where we are at exactly the time that we're meant to be there. It's tempting to want to skip past the bad bits and get straight to the good but often you need those bad times/experiences/relationships to show you the worth of something that's positive and life affirming.

I feel like this coming year is going to be one full of lots of change and good things after a period filled with not so great things. I'm honestly beginning to see the worth in having a positive outlook on life and yourself and how much that can shape the way you choose to deal with what comes your way.

I know this isn't a beauty related post but at the end of it all beauty is all just a matter of perspective and without a healthy perspective the importance of beauty often gets twisted. Learn to appreciate you for being just the way you are and everything else is just extra.

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